Unique Places To Find Wedding Toppers

Wedding toppers have been around ever since the wedding cake was invented. The toppers have been used as a way to symbolize the bride and groom where it would be displayed on top of the cake.

There are many wedding cake toppers available in every imaginable design, color and style where couples can select a design that would best suit their personality and wedding theme.

The wedding topper is usually a focal point of your wedding cake’s design.

When you plan your cake topper, remember to keep it in proportion to the cake, you don’t want it to have an oversized topper on a small cake which will make it look out of balance and the same could be said for a small topper on a large cake it will be lost.

You want the wedding toppers to be the focal point without overwhelming the cake.

Swan bride and groom cake topper.

Even if you are on a tight budget, try and stay away from plastic toppers as some of these are poorly made and can cheapen the look of your cake, just use your judgment when making your purchase.

You don’t have to be bound by traditional wedding cake toppers be creative and personalize your topper. Select something that is uniquely you, it could reflect a hobby or sport that you both love.

If you are having trouble finding a topper think outside the box. You never know you might find the perfect topper in one of the following places:

1. Toys stores are the perfect place to find unique wedding cake toppers as well as funny wedding cake toppers; they have a large range of small toys that could suit your wedding theme.

2. Garden centres are another great source for wedding cake toppers you and find many garden theme items here from cute caterpillars to garden picks that can easily be adapted be certain that they are not too heavy for the top of the cake.

3. Pet stores for ship wrecks and other items that you would find in fish tanks these would be perfect for a beach wedding theme; you can even find large shells here that could be incorporated into the cake.

4. Antique stores can be the best place to find an old ornament or statuette that would be suitable for vintage wedding cake toppers.

5. Local markets here you just may find some who specializes in blown glass, they may be able to create a custom wedding cake topper for you.

6. Gift Stores that specialize in figurines and ornaments you can almost any type of figurine here from funny to medieval designs

7. Religious Stores you could find items that would suit your Christian wedding theme.

8. Toy Kit Stores you could find kits from cars, motorcycles, boats, planes and more you can even paint these in colors of your choice.

Just remember when making your choice to keep the size of the cake in mind, you don’t want a small topper on a large cake as it will look out of place and you don’t want an oversized one on a small cake because it will also look out of balance.