Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

(See 100 images of beautifully decorated wedding cakes.)

When it comes to wedding cake decoration and style there is really no right or wrong way. You have total freedom as to what your cake will look like and be.

It can be traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between, it can match your theme or not, it could be huge or small it’s entirely up to you.

Regardless of the type of cake you choose the following points should be kept in mind when planning the wedding cake.

How many people will the cake have to serve? This is determined by the number of guests on your list as well as the number of people you wish to give a piece of cake to who can’t attend your wedding. Once you know this number your cake size can be determined.

Do you want to stay with tradition and save cake for your first anniversary or baby? If you do you might like to have an additional smaller cake made which can be kept uncut just for that.

How large or small is the venue? Consider the venue size if it is a large ball room you might want to upsize your wedding cake a little so that it won’t look lost in all that space or reduce the size of an oversized wedding cake for small venue.

You may already have an idea how you want your cake decorated, but if not here are some suggestions that may help you get started in the planning process.

Different Cake Shapes

Will your cake be: square, round, heart, rectangular, petal shaped or a combination of any of these or another shape entirely such as a wedding dress, suitcases, birds or something else.

Sqaure wedding cakes.
1. Square wedding cake.
Round wedding cakes.
2. Round wedding cakes.
petal shaped cakes.
3. Petal shaped wedding cakes.
Rectangular shaped cakes.
4. Rectangular cakes.
Heart shaped cakes.
5. Heart shaped wedding cake.
Hexagonal cakes.
6. Hexagonal cakes.
Wedding dress cake
7. Novelty cake made to look like a wedding dress.
Log shaped wedding cake.
8. Cylinder shaped wedding cake.
White oval wedding cakes.
9. Oblong shaped cakes.

Of course you are not limited to these shapes there are many more possiblities - these are the most common. Next decide on how you want the cake to be covered.

Cake Covering

The icing that you put on your cake will depend on the look you are trying to achieve for your cake. The most common icing options are buttercream, fondant icing, chocolate and ganache and in some instances very little or none at all.

For some designs the cake icing might be best left smooth and in some cases you may want a textured look to help emphasize the design. The most common icings for giving texture are buttercream or fondant icing.

Buttercream is best spread with a palette knife or piped whereas fondant icing can be rolled smooth or given a textured look. Below you will find some examples of the various ways that icings and frosting can be used on cakes.

Sponge cake with fresh fruit and dusting of icing sugar.
9. Wedding cake dusted with icing sugar and decorated with fresh fruit.
Chocolate cake with white frosting and fresh flowers.
10. Cake moderately decorated with frosting and fresh flowers.
Four tiered sponge cake heavily dusted with icing sugar.
11. Wedding cake heavily dusted with icing sugar.
Wedding cake with smooth white frosting.
12. Cake with smooth buttercream frosting.
Wedding cake with smooth white fondant icing and texted frosting.
13. You can have a combination of cake icings.
Wedding cake with texutred fondant icing.
14. The icing on the cake has been raised to give an interesting textured look.
Small wedding cake with white basket weave icing.
15. A charming basket weave design has been hand piped onto the cake.
Wedding cake with purple fondant pleats.
16. Pleated looks can be created using rolled fondant icing.
Royal looking wedding cake with fondant drapes and swags.
17. Rolled fondant icing can create soft drapes and swags for a regal look.
White on white wedding cake with vetical frosting lines.
18. Vertical lines and other textures can be created using a soft frosting such as buttercream.
White pulled cake frosting.
19. Different textured looks can be created using soft frostings.
Pastillage cake decorations.
20. Various edible shapes can be created.

Color Of The Icing

You should also consider the color of the icing as this will be the background to your decorations.

For example:

Subtle pink wedding cake.
21. You might like to go with soft subtle tones for a delicate understated look.
Bright blue and pink wedding cake.
22. Select a color that will compliment and make your decorations stand out.
White wedding cake with red and white roses.
23. Have a background that is white or neutral to allow the other colors to be prominent.
Black wedding cake with white piping and pink roses.
24. Be bold and use black or some other extremely dark color to cover your cake.
Purple ombre cake.
25. Have the icing colors go from light at the top to a darker shade at the bottom for an ombre look.
Pastel colored wedding cake.
26. Use complimenting colors to cover the cakes.
Wedding cake decorated to look like wood.
27. Icing can be airbrushed and painted to give a unique creative wedding cake look. In this case the icing has been airbrushed and painted in warm brown tones to give it a rustic wood grain look.
All white seashell wedding cake.
28. The icing and decorations can color match.
Earth, wind and fire theme wedding cake.
29. Use a variety of colors. Three of the tiers have been kept white with the top in blue.

Putting It Altogether

What would be the best way to assemble the cakes that will allow your wedding cake to stand out and hightlight the decorative features.

By this I mean do you want the cakes directly stacked on top of one another, separated by cake pillars, or have the cakes kept separate from each other and so on. You should take this into consideration when you plan your wedding cake - as some cakes may need to be assembled before any decoration can be started.

Sqaure wedding cake stacked at an angle.
30. You can have cakes stacked directly on top of each slightly of center.
Cakes stacked directly on top of each other.
31. Cakes can be stacked and aligned evenly on the cake below.
Three tiered wedding cake displayed on a cake stand.
32. You can use tiered cakes stands. These are available in different styles.
Theme related weddign cake display.
33. You can be creative and use items that fit in with your theme.
Wedding cakes can be displayed at various heigt levels.
34. You could display your cakes at multi levels rahter than on top of each other.
Four round wedding cakes displayed at different levels.
35. Four cake multi tier display idea.
Three tiered stacked wedding cake with a small top tier seperated by cake pillars.
36. You could have a combination of stacked wedding cakes and a separated tier.
Wine glassed used to seperate the cake tieres.
37. You don't have to use cake decoration supplies to seperate the tiers - you could use wine glasses and fill them with rose petals.
Wedding cake with pink roses.
38. Space out the cake layers only slightly and fill the space with flowers to hide the pillars.
Round metal cake stand.
39. Use decorative metal cake stands these come in various size and round and square shapes.
Procelain cake stand.
40. Use cake plates either glass, porcelain or metal to display single cakes or small two tiered cakes.

18 Fun Creative Cake Ideas

Hedgehog wedding cake idea.
41.Hedgehog bride and groom wedding cake idea.
Bride and groom climbing mountain wedding cake.
42. Mountain climbing wedding cake decoration idea.
Pyramid wedding cake.
43. Gold pyramid wedding cake.
Simpsons inspired wedding cake.
44. Decorate your cake based on your favourite TV show.
Use your favorite game as inspiration.
45. A gaming inspired cake.
Castle wedding cake with bride and groom figures in foreground.
46. Fairy tale inspiration
X box inspsired wedidng cake.
47. X Box wedding cake.
Mexican hat wedding cake idea.
48. Three tiered sombrero hat wedding cake..
Cycling weddign cake idea.
49. Cycling theme wedding cake.
Suitcase wedding cakes.
50. All packed and ready to go.
Castle inspired weddign cake.
51. Hisotrical based wedding cake design.
Wedding cake with a Las Vegas theme.
52. Las Vegas wedding cake.
Autumn theme wedding cake.
53. Seasonal themed wedding cake.
Wedding cake covered in sweets.
54. Sweet inspirations.
Wedding cake based on travel theme with world globe topper.
55. Travel themed wedding cake decoration.
Three tiered wedding cake with brown picket fence.
56. Garden inspired wedding cake.
Pink wedding cake with a punk theme.
57. Punk style wedding cake.
Light house wedding cake.
58. Fun seaside theme cake.

Non Floral Decorations

Beach theme wedding cake with shells.
59. Wedding cake decorated with shells.
Wedding cake decorated with strawberries.
60. Use fruit as decoations.
Pink and black wedding cake.
61. Keep the design smiple with dots and ribbon.
Blue and white wedding.
62. White and blue circle coverd cake.
Punk style wedding cake.
63. Modern wedding cake.
White wedding cake the heart decorations.
64. Wedding cake with heart cake topper.
Round and square wedding cakes.
65. White and green wedding cake, with chocolate cake.
Wedding cake the peacock decoration.
66. Blue and white peacock wedding cake.
Wedding cake with covered with chocolate and berries.
67. Chocolate and berry cake.
Travel theme wedding cake.
68. Painted wedding cake.
White wedding cake with bow topper.
69. Small round wedding cakes with big bow topper.
Three tiered silver and red dotty cake.
70. Silver and red polka dot cake.
White wedding cakes with gold ribbon.
71. Simple wedding cake with gold ribbon.
Fresh fruit wedding cake decorations.
72. Square wedding cakes with fresh fruit.
White wedding cake with green dragon flies.
73. Dargon fly wedding cake decorations.
Green, pink, round and square wedidng cakes.
74. modern green and pink wedding cake.
Wedding cake with penguin cake toppers.
75. Penguin wedding cake.
Winter theme wedding cake with snowflakes.
76. Cream colored snowflake wedding cake.
Five tiered chocolate wedidng cake.
77. Chocolate wedding cake idea.
Wedding cake in black fondant.
78. Black and red wedding cake.

Floral Decoration Ideas

Four tiered cream wedding cake with tiny flowers.
79. Cream and white wedding cake with small flowers.
Blue and white wedding cake.
80. Three tiered blue and white wedding cake with flower decorations.
Small wedding cake on cake stand.
81. Two tiered vintage style wedding cake.
Green and white wedding cake with bride and groom cake topper.
82. Three tiered white and green wedding cake with cascading flowers.
Three tiered white wedding cake with black and white decorations.
83. Simple wedding cake idea.
Blue and white wedding cake with flowers.
84. Elegant Blue and white wedding cake idea.
Rose covered wedding cake.
85. Wedding cake covered with roses.
Tulip flower cake decorations.
86. Small wedding cake with tulip flower decorations.
Vintage inspired wedding cake with birdcage topper.
87. Wedding cake with bird cage topper.
Traditonal wedding cake idea.
88. Purple, white and blue wedding cake idea.
Elegant wedding cake with pink flowers.
89. White wedding cake with pink flowers.
Chocolate and gold wedding cake on metal cake stand.
90. Chocolate and gold wedding cake.
Flower garden wedding cake.
91. Field of flowers.
Pink flower wedding cake.
92. Square pink weddign cake with pink flowers.
Daisy flowers on green wedding cake.
93. Green weddign cake with colorful daisies.
Fondant iced wedding c ake with flowers.
94. Fondant iced flower wedding cake.
Cream colored square wedding cakes with heart topper.
95. Square cream and yellow wedding cake.
Red rose wedding cake.
96. Red rose wedding cake with bride and groom topper.
Orange and brown wedding cake decorations with calla lilly cake topper.
97. Brown and orange calla lily cake decoration.
Vintage wedding cake idea.
98. Vintage style rose wedding cake.
Wedding cake with large brown bow.
99. Large brown bow is the main wedding cake decoration feature on this cake.
Wedding cake with red flowers.
100. Red and white flower wedding cake.
If you would like to do your own wedding cake decorations take a look at this video from they give some very simple but very nice ideas.
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