Chocolate Wedding Cake Ideas

(Plus 19 pictures of chocolate cakes.)

Having a chocolate wedding cake for your wedding might not be so traditional but it could be something to consider if you are a lover of chocolate.

A chocolate cake is irresistible and decadent and almost everyone likes chocolate in one form or another.

It is wickedly tempting however you eat it – dark, plain, milk or white. Not only that you have such a wide variety of flavors to choose from.


True classic cakes such as the black forest gateau and sacher torte will make a wickedly self-indulgent wedding cake. But, these are not your only options you can have or cake or cakes made in variety of other flavors using either dark, milk or white chocolate.

Why not consider some of the flavor options below or have your favourite chocolate cake made for your wedding.

  • Chocolate and almond liqueur
  • Chocolate and date
  • White chocolate wedding cake.
    Chocolate and hazelnut
  • Chocolate and orange
  • Chocolate and buttermilk
  • Chocolate, orange and sour cream
  • Chocolate and peanut butter
  • Chocolate and ricotta
  • Chocolate and rum
  • Honey cream and chocolate sponge
  • Mint and chocolate
  • Mocha truffle
  • Chocolate and carrot
  • Chocolate, caramel and hazelnut
  • Chocolate and banana
  • Chocolate and Marsala
  • White chocolate and passionfruit
  • Chocolate and coconut

Any of the above flavors combinations could be baked into the cake itself or used as a flavor idea for any filling you might like to use.

Once you have decided on your flavor or flavors you can now consider how you want to decorate your cake. Here again you have a quite a range to choose from.

Covering Your Cake

You not only want your cake to taste good you also want it to look good as well. Your cake does not need to be all chocolate you could use toppings other than chocolate such as fresh cream, fondant icing, buttercream or another frosting flavored to compliment the chocolate cake.

If you wanted to go for an all-out decadent chocolate feast then you can cover your cake in rolled chocolate fondant, shaped chocolate in the form of panels or collars, chocolate ganache (white or dark), chocolate buttercream, poured chocolate fondant or simply dust in cocoa powder.

Chocolate Decoration Ideas

Add more visual appeal to your cake with carefully placed decorations this could fresh fruit, handmade flowers, marzipan fruits or anything that will match your wedding theme.

Or if you wanted to keep with the all chocolate theme you could use, chocolate chocolate cigarillos, shaved chocolate, chocolate panels, chocolate curls, chocolate truffles, chocolate shapes such as leaves, roses and triangles.

You could also add color to your cakes by using white chocolate that has been tinted and even flavored. Then there are chocolate transfer sheets that can be used to add color and design to white, dark and milk chocolate.

19 Chocolate Cake Ideas

Chocolate covered cake with pink flowers and butterflies.
1. Pink and brown wedding cake with chocolate frosting and handmade chocolate curls.
Topsy turvy chocolate wedding cake.
2. Topsy turvy chocolate wedding cake.
Four tiered cake covered with marble chocolate icing.
3. Four tiered stacked wedding cake with marbled chocolate fondant surrounded by handmade chocolate curls and balls made from chocolate as a topper.
Chocolate wedding cake on cake pillars.
4. Three tiered pillar wedding cake with hand crafted chocolate decorations on each cake.
Lareg three tiered square chocolate wedding cake with green ribbon trim.
5. Three tiered wedding cake with ganache icing.
Wedding cake surronded by chocolate panels and orchids.
6. White chocolate panels surround this three tiered wedding cake.
A white chocolate ruffled collar was made to surround the cake tiers.
7. Ruffled chocolate collars cover the sides of the four tiered wedding cake. The tops of each cake are decorated with red roses and chocolate balls.
Carefully placed white chocolate cigarellos and fruit decorations.
8. Delicate white chocolate cigarellos embrace sides of the wedding cake, highlighting the minature fruit.
Four tiered chocolate wedding cake with monogram topper.
9. Simple chocolate wedding cake idea.
Simple chocolate wedding cake design with love heart theme.
10. White fondant icing that has a chocolate marbled affect.
Fresh flower cake topper on top of  tiered chocolate cake.
11. Totally decadent in dark chocolate ganche.
Chocolate and pink cupcake.
12. Chocolate cupcake with contrasting pink icing.
Chocolate cupcakes with hearts.
13. Use toppers made from chocolate as decorations.
Cupcake in lacy cupcake wrapper.
14. Use contrasting lacy cupcake cases that will allow the chocolate to peek through.
Small cupcakes with cream and fruit decoration.
15. Use fresh fruit and cream with chocolate cake.
Orange frosting on chocolae cupcake.
16. Flavors and food coloring can be added to the frosting to enhance the chocolate cake.
Double chocolate cupcake.
17. Chocolate frosting on a chocolate cupcake will delight any chocolate lover.
Handmade chocolate curl decorations on wedding cake.
18. Handmade white chocolate curls have been used to decorate this simple wedding cake - This could be a great option for the DIY bride as it can hide a few flaws.
Light chocolate frosted wedding cake with orchid flowers.
19. This light chocolate covered wedding cake will look perfect for a country style wedding.

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