Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers and Ideas

(Plus 18 picture ideas.)

Monogram wedding cake toppers offer a very personal touch to your wedding. Monogram cake toppers can be made in any font style and in a variety of edible and non edible products premade or diy.

There are many different ways that you can display a monogram on your cake you could use it as a cake topper or have it placed lower down on the cake listed below are just a few ideas.

1. Precision Cut Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

You can buy precision cut monograms which can be personalized with crystals and rhinestones. They are also available in silver or gold mirror acrylic or metal finishes.

Monogram cake topper with crystals.
Silver monograms hidden behind flower cake topper.
Large and small monogram cake topper.
Monogram cake topper.

2. Homemade Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

You can make homemade monograms yourself with melted chocolate, royal icing, pastillage, modeling paste , small flowers on florist wire, beading, stenciling or even wooden shapes (that you can purchase from a craft store).

Simply print out the font style and size that you require for your wedding cake on your computer. Use this as a template to make your monograms from melted chocolate, royal icing or buttercream.

3. Chocolate Monogram

Monogram made from chocolate.

For the chocolate monograms use melted chocolate. If you want the monogram colored use white chocolate and tint it while it is melted (use powdered tints) only add a small amount of tint at a time.

Place the template that you have made on a flat surface and secure in place with a little tape, place a sheet of greaseproof paper over the top.

Fill a greaseproof paper piping bag half full with melted chocolate. Pipe the outline and let it set a little, then fill in the outlined shape with melted chocolate.

Or you can give it a lattice effect by piping a trellis design over the outline.

To pipe a trellis, pipe the outline first, then pipe parallel lines of chocolate in one direction, then pipe over the lines in the opposite direction. The lines may be piped diagonally or straight, depending on the finished result required.

If you would like the back and front of the chocolate monogram to look the same, print the same size template of your monogram but this time mirror the image.

When the chocolate fronts and backs have set carefully remove them from the paper. Using a small paintbrush add some melted chocolate to the back of the shapes and sandwich the monograms together.

4. Monogram Wedding Cookies and Cupcakes

Wedding cookies and cup cakes can also be monogrammed. Ice directly onto the cookie or make shapes as described in chocolate monograms and place onto the cup cakes.

The monograms can be piped from royal icing or melted chocolate.

Monograms on cookie favors.
Cupcake decorated with edible monogram shape.

5. Monograms On The Sides Of Wedding Cakes

These can be iced directly onto the cake with royal icing or buttercream.

The wedding cakes below have monograms on a plaque. The plaques can be made from pastillage. Cut out the desired shape in pastillage, then pipe the monogram onto the plaque and let it dry completely.

The pastillage plaque edges can be frilled, crimped, piped with embroidery or broderie anglaise edging before it hardens. Secure the plaque to the cake using a little icing.

Monogram piped on side of cake.
Display a monogram on the side of the cake.
Cake with bride and groom monogram initals.
Monogram on a hand crafted plaque.
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Pastillage Monogram

Cut out a shape from pastillage and paint with edible food colors.

Monogram plaque made from pasitllage.

Piped Monogram Wedding Cake

Monograms can also be piped and allowed to set and then be used to decorate the cake as a topper. The following cakes have the monograms iced directly on to the side of the cake.

Monogram piped directly onto the side of the wedding cake.

Images obtained from Flickr have been used by permission under the creative commons licences -sa/2.02 and /2.0/ and -nd/2.0/