Ideas for Unique Wedding Cakes

Weddings today as opposed to the traditional wedding of the past will allow a couples to have unique wedding cakes that are as individual as they are.

When it comes to unusual wedding cake designs, a bride and groom should brainstorm all the fun ideas they can.

Consider any special interests, sports or hobbies that you might like to incorporate into the design of the cake.

Then take your ideas to a willing pastry chef and see if they can make your ideas become a reality.

There are many possibilities available to you not only in how the cake looks visually but also how it tastes.

Two sided wedding cake one half elegant for the bride and the other super hero theme for the groom
1. An elegant and modern wedding cake. One side for the bride and the other for the groom.

Cupcake wedding cakes are a great option which will allow you to be creative with many flavours, colors and designs, although the cupcake is not a new idea you can still make these unique by the way they are decorated.

Another unique wedding cakes alternative is a doughnut cake. This is a collection of doughnuts, individually iced; these can be all one flavor or a variety of flavors. Arrange the doughnuts in manner to suggest a cake. People will think this is fun, and it's totally unexpected.

For a romantic choice consider incorporating a small water fountain on a tiered wedding cake. The trickling water sounds and the added light make a beautiful presentation that guests will talk about for years. Also try using dry ice in the water fountain it will add a hint of mystery as it sends out a foggy mist.

Your wedding cake can be made with any icing; such as butter cream, fondant or chocolate. Virtually any flavour is possible from white chocolate, red velvet to carrot. Vary the flavors from one layer to the next see wedding cake flavors for more tasty ideas.

The choice of color and flavor used in the frosting can add drama, whimsy, texture and interest to your cake. The frosting can be colored to complement the season, the bridesmaid's dresses or even the flavor of the cake.

White or ivory is still the standard color but image a cake with a dark frosting brilliantly decorated with colored flowers or leaves scatted all around the cake.

A typical wedding cake design is usually round and stacked gradually getting smaller at the top. With some imagination and clever assembling the cakes can be made in any shape, stacked, staggered or spread out however you want it.

The cakes can even be made to look as if they are about to topple over. They can be made to look like wrapped gifts, buildings, people, or animals you are only limited by your imagination and the level of creativity of your baker.

Even if you choose to have a simple wedding cake this can be made to look unique by using an unusual wedding cake topper. The toppers can be purchased ready made or you can have them specially crafted by your cake maker.

12 Unique Cake Ideas To Inspire

Purple five tiered round wedding cake decorated with pink and purple flowers and gold fondant lace.
2. A majestic looking purple and gold wedding cake.
Tiered wedding cake with water fountain.
3. Wedding cake featuring a water fountain with lighting.
Story book theme wedding cake idea.
4. Story book themed wedding cake idea.
Chalk board wedding cake idea.
5. This chalk board wedding cake idea could be ideal for couples who are teachers or would fit in perfectly to a country wedding theme.
Modern wedding cake using bright and bold colors of red, navy, black and white.
6. Be bold and bright with your cake design.
Naked wedding cake idea.
7. If you don’t like too much icing or cream this naked cake might your unique wedding cake idea.
Art inspired wedding cake.
8. Why not use your love of art as an inspiration.
Reptile egg inspired wedding cake idea.
9. Reptile egg wedding cake idea for the lovers of all things reptile.
Cinderlla wedding theme cake idea.
10. Use your wedding theme as inspiration to design your wedding cake.

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