Butterfly Wedding Theme Ideas

(Plus 21 gorgeous butterfly cake ideas.)

A butterfly wedding theme can create a truly memorable and colorful experience for both the bride and groom. You can purchase the butterflies from any butterfly farm; you can find these online.

After you have placed your order, the butterflies are air expressed to you overnight so that they arrive on your wedding day, but do check with the supplier for details.

At a butterfly wedding dozens of butterflies are set free at the end of the wedding ceremony. This is a fantastic alternative to the traditional throwing of rice or confetti.

A butterfly wedding theme can be a unique way to celebrate this very special day.

Butterfly releases can be wonderful and even classy, as butterflies make for wonderful wedding pictures, and are harmless to the environment, besides giving a beautiful array of colors at the wedding ceremony.

The butterflies are packaged carefully to ensure that they are shipped safely and so that no damage occurs to them. The butterflies are shipped in a specially designed box with the perfect living environment.

At the ceremony, once the package is opened and the butterflies are exposed to the light and heat, they will come to life and fly away! It is as easy at that.

Wedding ceremony with  butterfly theme decorations.


Your butterfly wedding theme can be held anywhere. But if you have a butterfly farm close by see if you can have your ceremony there.

How special would this be amongst the beautiful butterflies all flying around, having them landing on to your hair, then to your flowers and your guests it would be a wonderful sight and should give plenty of good photo opportunities.

Invitations and Stationery for A Butterfly Wedding Theme

Butterfly invitations will give your guests an indication of the type of wedding that you will be having.

You can find butterfly invitations on the internet, in specialist magazines, have them printed up professionally or print them yourself, or get them for free.

Ceremony and Reception Decorations

  • Your ringbearer can carry your wedding rings on a butterfly dreams square ring pillow. 
  • Imagine as you enter into a room with decorated tables and chairs and a stage for music.
  • On each of the guests tables are white table clothes and each table has some type of butterfly detail, it could be as simple as a picture of the bride and groom in a butterfly themed picture frames, butterfly candle holders or even a floral centerpiece with butterfly decorations or butterfly place card holders.
  • The tables could be illuminated by butterfly tea lights which are inexpensive and create a soft romantic glow.
  • On the backs of the chairs a butterfly sits delicately. The napkins are decorated with a butterfly napkin ring, and each place setting is marked with a matching butterfly place card.
Wedding reception decoration idea with butterflies.
Cages decorated with roses and butterflies.
Wedding table linen with butterfly motif.
Fabric napkins with butterfly motif.
Scrolls with butterfly doecoration.
Wedding scrolls with butterfly embellishment.
Wedding table place setting with butterfly cutout.
Butterfly shaped favor tags.

Wedding Attire

Bridal bouquet with a butterfly theme.

You don't need to wear the typical white wedding dress if you don't' want to.

Perhaps choose a pastel color for the bride and bridesmaids such as light blue, or pale pink.

The bride's gown detailed with tiny butterflies and crowned with butterflies in her hair. The bridesmaids could wear butterfly jewelery and carry a butterfly shaped purse, on the backs of their gowns could be a butterfly shaped bow.

Wedding Favors

Thank your guests with a butterfly wedding favor perhaps it could be:

  • Butterfly wine bottle stoppers.
  • Butterfly place card holder.
  • Butterfly cookie cutter.
  • Butterfly personalized mint tins.
  • Butterfly key rings.
  • Butterfly candle.

Butterfly Wedding Cake

A butterfly wedding cake can make a butterfly wedding theme complete. There are countless ways to incorporate the butterfly on your wedding cake.

You can use fabric butterflies, or have them made piped in royal icing, cut from sugar paste, buy ones made from feathers or colored paper or use laser cut butterfly shapes.

Place these on their own or on mass cascading down and around your cake, or have them hovering gracefully amongst fresh flowers on your cake or beautifully hand made sugar paste flowers.

Some couples like to use the butterfly as a symbol to represent a loved one who has passed on. They are also a symbol of a new beginning of life?

The butterflies that you choose for your wedding cake can match or contrast your wedding theme colors.

Decorate the wedding cake table and surrounding area with large butterflies hung from the ceiling, pinned to the table cloth or scattered over the top of the cake table.

Sitting next to the cake could be bottles of champagne, each bottle topped with a butterfly bottle stopper.

The table cloth decorated with colorful butterflies. The cutting knife and cake server featuring butterfly details complete the look.

Serve your wedding cake with cream or ice cream topped with delicate chocolate butterflies.

Or have your guests take home the wedding cake in butterfly cake boxes or bags.

21 Amazing Butterfly Wedding Cake Designs

Cupcakes with sugar butterflies.
1. These cupcakes look nice and dainty with butterflies stamped and cut-out of modelling paste.
Cupcake case with laser cut butterfly detail.
2. A simple and elegant laser cut butterfly decorates the cupcake cases.
Feather butterfly gracing a selection of cupcakes.
3. Use butterflies made from colorful paper or feathers to gracefully decorate the tops of the cupcake display.
White butterfly cake toppers.
4. Add extra height to your cake display by having fondant butterflies dance gracefully over your cake - using fine wire.
Ramble of colorful butterlies.
5. A simple white wedding cake makes these colourful butterflies the main attraction of the cake.
Single butterflies hovers over a red wedding cake.
6. A beautiful single large butterfly makes a attractive statement on the top of this cake.
Golden butterfly swarm a three tiered wedding cake.
7. Go all out and have small butterflies hover all over in a color that contrast your cake.
Five tiered round and square wedding cake embellished with several dainty butterflies.
8. A simple white and blue wedding cake design using only a few matching blue butterflies .
Wired pink butterflies hover around a pink and white cake.
9. The butterflies don't have to be placed directly on the cake they can be wired to hover around the cake
An elegant white wedding cake with white and sivler butterflies.
10. Silver butterflies on a white wedding cake.
Chocolate covered wedding cake with pink butterflies as a cake topper.
11. Butterflies can also be wired and used as a cake topper
Blue and white wedding cake with butterfly detailing.
12. Small white round wedding cake with a flutter of blue butterflies.
White butterflies sitting delicately on  the tiers of a square wedding cake.
13. Use butterflies of all different sizes in a color to match your cake for a classic timeless look.
A beautiful wedding cake surrounded by delicate flowers and butterflies.
14. Mix butterfly decorations with baby's breath and small flowers.
White wedding cake with fondant icing crystal beads and purple butterflies.
15. Keep your design simple by using butterflies of the same size and color.
A white frosted three tiered wedding cake with large and small butterflies flying up the cake tiers.
16. Butterflies in various sizes can add a light and delicate touch to your wedding cake.
Blue and white cake with single butterfly.
Four tiered white wedding cake with flower and butterfly decorations.
Multi coloured butterfly display on a fourt tiered wedding cake.
Brightly coloured wedding cake with white butterflies.
Pale blue wedding cake with flowers and butterfly decorations.
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