Cupcake Stands And Wedding Cupcake Towers

Cupcake stands are the ideal way to display a large number of cupcakes attractively for any special occasion. Cupcakes are individually designed cakes that provide the perfect portion; they look wonderful and can become the desert or a unique gift for your guests.

You can select from a wide range of flavors, even having a selection of multiple flavors to surprise your guests with.

Some popular flavors are dark chocolate mud, white chocolate mud, caramel mud, passionfruit, coconut, dark chocolate and white chocolate swirl.

To display these at there best you can create a beautiful cupcake tower by using tiered cupcake stands.

Stands are available in a variety of materials from cardboard, metal, plastic, glass or ceramic.

You can purchase these in various sizes ranging from three to seven tiers, or you can easily make them yourself to suit your own needs.

Wedding Cupcake Tower

Wedding cupcakes displayed on a stand.

A wedding cupcake tower allows you to display your cup cake wedding cakes on different levels. Try not to have the tiers too high as there is a risk of them tumbling over.

If you do need to display a large number of cupcakes it would be best to use two or more towers.

Include a cutting cake on the top tier to give a sophisticated and stylish look, and this will also provide you with a fun photo opportunity as you cut your cake.

You can easily create your own cupcake wedding stand see below how you can do this.

How to Make Cupcake Wedding Stand

If you want to cut down on some of your wedding costs then here are some simple instructions on how to make wedding cupcake stands.

To serve 150 - 200 people you will need two stands. For each of the stands create a four tier stand.

Start with 40cm (16 inch) board then 30cm (12 inch), 22cm (9 inch), and for the top a 15cm (6 inch) board.

You can purchase round or square boards or if you prefer a different shape you can cut these to shape using large pieces of foamcore.

Cover each of the boards with a thick foil paper. The edge of each of the boards should be trimmed neatly and cover the edges with a ribbon to match your color theme.

To separate each of the tiers you can use almost anything.

You can purchase clear vases which are strong and wide enough to support each tier, fill these with decorative stone, seashells or flower petals.

You could use sturdy flower pots and paint them in a color to match your theme.

Before the wedding check that your stand is strong enough to avoid any mishaps on the day.

You can offer more than one cake flavor to your guests by placing each flavor on its own wedding cake stand.

Let you guests know the cake flavor by placing a sign in front of each cupcake stand.

If you don't want a large wedding cake tower you can always place your remaining cup cake wedding cakes on the cake table around the stand.

Save yourself some money by decorating your own wedding cupcakes.