Purple Wedding Flower Ideas

Purple and pink hydrangea wedding bouquet.

Using purple wedding flowers is splendid way to bring to your wedding the rich luxurious tones that purple has to offer. Did you know that purple has a long noble history that started in ancient times.

As early as 1570 fabric was dyed purple using a natural dye obtained from predatory sea snails and rock snails. The color of the dyed fabric did not fade but instead when exposed to sunlight and weathering became brighter and for this reason it was highly prized and expensive. Due to the expense of the fabric it became a status symbol and laws were passed as to how it could be used. The production of the dyeing process came under the control of the Imperial Court and with this the color purple quickly became associated with royalty.

Nowadays you don't have to be royal to use purple. With purple wedding flowers you can easily incorporate the magnificent hues they have to offer on your day. No matter what the season is you will always find a purple flower - ranging for the soft delicate lilacs to deep dark tones that almost look like black.

Listed below are 34 different flower varieties that could be used as part of your wedding flowers all in varying shades of purple:



Bell flower

5. Bellflower


6. China Aster

Columbine flower

7. Columbine

Crocus flower

8. Crocus


9. Dahlia


10. Daisy


11. Delphinium

Fox glove

12. Fox Glove

Geraldton wax flower

13. Geraldton Wax Flower


14. Gladiolus


15. Gloxinia

Purple and pink hyacinth flowers

16. Hyacinth


17. Hydrangea


18. Lantana


19. Lavender


20. Lilac


21. Lily


22. Lisianthus


23. Lupin


24. Orchids

Purple kale

25. Purple Kale


26. Ranunuculus

Purple rose

27. Roses


28. Scabious

Static flower

29. Statice

Purple sweet pea flower

30. Sweet Pea


31. Tulips

Vanda orchid

32. Vanda


33. Verbena


34. Zinnia

Accessorise With Small Purple Flower Details

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You can easily accessorize your wedding with small purple wedding flower details on items such as the flower girl basket, favour tins, guest book and pen, wedding candles and much more.

If you have considered using purple flowers in your wedding but are undecided as how to use them then scroll down the page to see some examples of its use.

36 Bridal Bouquet Ideas That Use Purple Wedding Flowers

Iris bridal bouquet

1. Simple purple iris wedding bouquet created using purple iris and grass that has been decorated with beads.

Orchid and white flower bouquet

2. Purple orchids, pink and white flower bridal bouquet.

Purple wedding flower bouquet

3.Varying shades of purple flowers create this wedding bouquet.

Lilac and pink brides bouquet.

4.  Loose style bride's bouquet.

Mixed bouquet in various shade of purple.

5. Purple, white, pink wedding bouquet.

Silk flower bouquet in purple.

6. Purple silk flower and pearl bead bouquet idea.

Tiny purple wedding bouquet with pink ribbon handle.

7. Small posy wedding bouquet.

Daffodil and purple flower wedding bouquet.

8. Add a pop of color to your bouquet.

Purple and white bouquet.

9. White rose bouquet with filler purple wedding flowers.

Purple bouquet with pale purple ribbon.

10. Hand tied bridal bouquet in soft shades of purple and white.

An all purple wedding bouquet.

11. Simple purple wedding bouquet.

White daisy and paper flower bouquet.

12. White daisy wedding flowers with blue and purple.

Bouquet with a hint of purple.

13. Pink and white roses with a hint of purple tulips wedding bouquet.

Pastel colored wedding bouquet.

14. Blue, pink and purple wedding flowers look attractive when held against a white wedding dress.

Light purple rose and white daisy bouquet.

15. White daisy and light purple roses wedding bouquet.

Pink and purple bouquet.

16. A simple hand tied bridal bouquet with purple hydrangea wedding flowers.

White and purple calla lily bouquet.

17. White / purple calla lilies wedding bouquet.

White and purple wedding flower bouquet.

18. For a timeless look you can never go wrong with a white and purple wedding bouquet.

Bridal bouquet on top of wall.

19. White, pink and purple rustic wedding idea.

Garden style wedding bouquet.

20. A combination of soft delicate looking white and purple flowers can be extremely feminine.

Iris wedding bouquet.

21. Simple bouquet of purple iris flowers.

Pink, purple and green bouquet idea.

22. In the right tones purple and green wedding bouquets can be "refreshing" to look at.

Bride holding bouquet with pink and purple flowers.

23. A delicate pink and purple wedding theme bouquet.

Purple and white bouquet.

24. A charming purple and cream bridal bouquet suitable for a winter wedding.

Purple wedding flowers.

25. Dark purple wedding bouquet idea.

Bride with bouquet.

26. Pink rose bouquet with a hint of dark purple.

Yellow, white daisy and purple flower bouquet.

27. Purple and yellow wedding bouquets give a light hearted feel to a wedding.

Purple wedding flowers.

28. Handpicked purple and green wedding bouquet with purple ribbon.

Rose bouquet.

29. Pink, purple and green wedding bouquets

Large purple flower bouquet.

30. An all purple large flower bouquet.

Purple orchid bouquet.

31. Purple orchid wedding bouquet ideas.

Lily and rose bouquet.

32. Romantic pink and purple wedding bouquet.

Orchid bouquet with pink ribbon.

33. An all purple orchid wedding bouquet.

Hydrangea bouquet.

34. Purple and pink hydrangea bouquet.

Losse hand tied bouquet.

35. Bouquet mixed with soft pinks, purple and green.

Purple bouquet.

36. Decorate the bouquet handle in matching purple ribbon and bouquet pins.

16 Cake Ideas With Purple Flowers

You don't  just have to have purple flowers in your bouquet use them to decorate your wedding cake and other areas of your venue.

Square cake with calla lily and hydragea flowers.

1. White hydrangea and dark purple calla lily wedding flowers decorate this simple square wedding cake.

Round cake with lilac flower decorations.

2. A beautiful looking cake in tones of soft lilac and white.

Square cake with dark purple sugar flowers.

3. Three tier square wedding cakes with purple ribbon and piped roses.

Cake with pink and purple flowers.

4. Purple hand crafted sugar flowers and decoratively piped pink flowers surround the fondant icing on the cake.

Samll cake with tiny purple flower decorations.

5. Two tiered wedding cake with purple flowers.

Thumbnail Image 1

6. White fondant cake with draped fondant icing and beautiful large dark purple flowers.

Square cake with light purple decorations.

7. Square white wedding cakes with purple ribbon and flowers.

Purple flowers on round wedding cake.

8. An elegant round wedding cake with decorations in purple and pink.

Purple petal shaped wedding cake.

9. Petal shaped cake covered in purple fondant icing and decorated with multi colored cut out flowers.

Tropical style wedding cake with purple flowers.

10. Tropical style wedding cake decorated with purple and orange wedding flowers.

Purple flowers cascading down three tiered wedding cake.

11. Purple flowers cascading down the three tiered wedding cake with butterfly wedding decorations.

Naked wedding cake with purple flower decorations.

12. Naked wedding cake with purple sugar flowers.

Quilted rolled fondant cake and purple flowers.

13. Bows, butterflies and purple flowers.

Tall wedding cake with dainty blossoms.

14. Tall and elegant with dainty white and purple flowers.

White wedding cake with spotted orchid flowers.

15. A clean and crisp look with hints of purple spots.

Country style wedding cake.

16. Fit for a country style wedding with purple paper flowers and wheat decorations.

7 Decorating Ideas Using Purple Flowers

Ordhid decoration on table napkin.

1. Use your purple wedding flowers to decorate the napkins.

Small floral centerpiece idea.

2.  Bring your theme of purple wedding flowers to your wedding centrepieces.

Purple bow and flower chair decoration.

3. Always elegant purple, white and silver wedding decorations.

Wedding cenerpiece idea.

4. Always elegant purple, white and silver wedding decorations.

Centerpiece using flowers and purple grapes.

5. You don't just have to have all flowers as your centrepieces, choose other items such as succulents or fruit in shades of purple to make a unique display.

Martini glasses filled with flowers.

6. Use frosted martini glasses to create unique wedding centrepieces.

Lare purple flower arch.

7. Create the perfect background to an otherwise green setting using various shades of purple flowers and fabric fashioned into a beautiful wedding arch - perfect for saying your wedding vows and later as a photographic background.

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