Bridal Bouquet Flower Pictures

26 Absolutely Beautiful Wedding Flower Bouquet Ideas

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Viewing bridal bouquet flower pictures is a great way to help you decide on what type of flowers or style of bouquet that you might like to have as your own bridal bouquet.

Browsing through a wide variety of pictures will give you an idea what styles are available. It will help you visualize and plan the arrangements that you want.

To help you create the overall mood for your wedding, many things should be considered when selecting the flowers:


The style of your wedding dress will usually help determine the color and shape of the bouquet.

  1. The traditional white dress is a great backdrop for flowers of any color, from white and pastels to strong reds or pinks.

  2. If the dress is a different color the flowers need to be chosen with more care, to avoid an unflattering clash.

  3. White flowers have a timeless elegance and is still the classic choice for the bouquet as much as for the dress.

  4. Pastel colors are easy to work with giving a wedding a romantic and feminine feel.

  5. The deeper colors of purples, deep blues and reds will require more thought but will look spectacular.

  6. Roses have always been a favorite flower for bridal floral bouquets and are most commonly used when red is required.

Wedding Flower Budget Tips

Using flowers that are local and in season will help keep the cost of your wedding flowers down and within the budget. To find out the types of flowers that are available to you in your local area contact your local florist.

  1. You have many choices of flowers for your bouquet such as:

    1. Peonies
    2. Dahlias
    3. Tulips
    4. Carnations
    5. Gerbera daisies
    6. Orchids
    7. Calla lilies and much more

  2. You should also consider the size and shape of your bouquet, especially if you are on a tight budget, the larger the arrangement the more it will cost.

  3. The same can be said for flower arrangements which have to be wired - this is a time consuming process and will cost you more.

  4. It's important that you choose the best wedding bouquet and flowers that you can afford.

  5. A good florist will be your greatest asset in helping you to work within your budget and create the wedding flowers of your dreams.

  6. You can read more about ways to keep the cost of wedding flowers down on our wedding flowers budget page.

26 Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Flower Pictures

Did you know that in the past there was a meaning behind the types of flowers used in a bouquet. If you are interested in learning more about this, read the language of flowers and perhaps consider putting some meaning into your bouquet. 33 more bridal bouquet ideas can be seen here.

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Wedding Etiquette

Pink rose flower.

Be Gracious

Show your appreciation to the people who have thrown you a bridal shower by sending them a thank you note and a small gift.

Wedding Tips and Ideas

You can read more tips and ideas by clicking here.

Musicans with insturments

Wedding Music Planning Tip

Wedding musicians. Before you sign any contact with a wedding band, make sure that you have the following confirmed and in writing:

1.  The bands attire, you want them to wear something that is appropriate for your wedding. You don’t want them showing up in casual clothing for a formal wedding.

2.  The bands arrival time. They should be set up, with instruments tuned before your guests arrive.

3.  Cost of hiring the band, this includes everything including any special equipment they may need to meet your requests.

Bride and grooms hands displaying wedding rings.

Planning Tip

Manicure for you wedding day. You may not be a person who likes to fuss over your hands and do your nails, but consider it for your wedding day.

You will have many admirers asking to see your ring and more than likely your photographer will take a photo of the ring where you and your groom clasp hands together.

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