The Language Of Flowers

Bride holding red an white rose bouquet.

Choosing Wedding Flowers With Meaning

The language of flowers can be traced back to the Victorian Era. In this era it was improper for a man to tell a woman how he felt so he would choose a flower with meaning and send it her.

The meaning of the flowers where clearly understood by the women of the Victorian era that she would understand the message of the flower.

Today many people don’t know the meaning of “flower talk” but on your wedding day wouldn’t it be nice to find out the hidden meaning in your wedding flowers, you can find out by using the language of flowers guide below.


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Blue hydrangea: understanding, boastfulness, frigidity, heartlessness.
White roses: innocence, purity.
Fern: sincerity, fascination, magic, confidence, shelter.
"Baby's Breath": innocence, purity of heart.

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Calla lilies: magnificent beauty.
Baby's breath: innocence, purity of heart.

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Pink tulips: Love, passion, fame, charity, perfect lover.

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Orange roses: desire and enthusiasm, fascination.

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Red roses: secrecy.
Fern: sincerity, fascination, magic, confidence, shelter.

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Yellow sunflowers: adoration.
Calla lilies: majesty, truth, honor.
Grass: submission, untility.

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Pink roses: perfect happiness, secret love, grace, sweetness, indecision.
White Roses: innocence, purity.
"Baby's breath": innocence, purity of heart.

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A - Z of Wedding Flowers with Meaning

Try finding out the meaning of your choosen wedding flowers with this guide to The Language of Flowers it has over 200 differnet flower types and thier meanings.

  1. Alstroemeria: Fortune, prosperity, wealth.
  2. Amaranathus: Immortality, unfading love.
  3. Anemone: Expectations, forsaken, death, fading youth, suffering.
  4. Apple blossom: Temptation.
  5. Asparagus Fern: Fascination.
  6. Asphodel: My regret follows you to the grave.
  7. Aster (single): I will think about it.
  8. Baby's breath (gypsophila): Innocence, purity of heart.
  9. Bachelor Button: Celibacy.
  10. Basil: Best Wishes, Love.
  11. Bay: I change but in death.
  12. Beech: Prosperity.
  13. Begonia: Beware.
  14. Bells Of Ireland: Good luck.
  15. Birch: Elegance, grace, meekness.
  16. Bird Of Paradise: Magnificence.
  17. Bittersweet: Truth.
  18. Bluebell: Humility; constancy.
  19. Borage: Courage.
  20. Bouvardia: Enthusiasm.
  21. Burnet: A merry heart.
  22. Buttercup: Cheerfulness.
  23. Cactus: Endurance, warmth.
  24. Calendula: Joy.
  25. Calla Lily: Magnificent beauty.
  26. Camellia: Admiration, perfection, gratitude, transience of life, a good luck gift for a man.
  27. Camellia (pink): Longing for you.
  28. Camellia (red): You're a flame in my heart.
  29. Camellia (white): Adoration, perfection, loveliness, you're adorable.
  30. Candytuft: Indifference.
  31. Carnation: Devoted love, fascination, bravery, friendship, vanity, pride, socialism.
  32. Carnation (pink): Women's love, I will never forget you.
  33. Carnation (red): My heart aches for you, admiration.
  34. Carnation (white): Innocence, pure love, sweet and lovely, good luck gift for a woman, you're adorable.
  35. Carnation (purple): Capriciousness, whimsical, changeable.
  36. Carnation (yellow): Rejection, disdain.
  37. Carnation (solid color): Yes.
  38. Carnation (striped): No, refusal, sorry I can't be with you, wish I could be with you.
  39. Cattail: Peace, prosperity.
  40. Chamomile: Patience, attracts wealth.
  41. Chrysanthemum: Wealth, abundance and truth.
  42. Chrysanthemum (red): I love.
  43. Chrysanthemum (white or green): Truth.
  44. Chrysanthemum (yellow): Slighted love.
  45. Cineraria: Always delightful.
  46. Clematis: Ingenuity, artifice.
  47. Clover: Good luck.
  48. Coreopsis: Always cheerful.
  49. Coriander: Lust.
  50. Cowslip: Pensiveness, winning grace.
  51. Crocus: Cheerfulness, youthful gladness, resurrection, heavenly bliss.
  52. Cyclamen: Diffidence.
  53. Daffodil: Regard.
  54. Dahlia: Instability, dignity, elegance, forever thine, good taste.
  55. Daisy: Innocence, contempt for worldly goods, share your feelings.
  56. Dandelion: Wishes come true.
  57. Daphne: Sweets to the sweet.
  58. Daylily: Coquetry, Chinese emblem for mother.
  59. Delphinium: Swiftness, lightness, ardent attachment.
  60. Easter Lily: Purity modesty.
  61. Eucalyptus: Protection.
  62. Eucharis: Maidenly charm.
  63. Euphorbia: Persistence.
  64. Fennel: Worthy of all praise.
  65. Fern: Sincerity, fascination, magic, confidence, shelter.
  66. Fern (maidenhair): Secret bond of love, discretion.
  67. Fern (Magic): Fascination; confidence and shelter.
  68. Feverfew: Protection.
  69. Fir: Time.
  70. Flax: Domestic symbol, fate.
  71. Forget-me-not: Remembrance, true love, humility, longing for loyalty.
  72. Forsythia: Anticipation.
  73. Foxglove: Youth, stateliness, insincerity.
  74. Freesia: Innocence, friendship, trust.
  75. Fritillary: Arrogance, pride.
  76. Galax: Encouragement.
  77. Gardenia: Purity, joy, refinement, You're lovely, secret love.
  78. Garland of roses: Reward of virtue.
  79. Garlic: Courage; strength.
  80. Geranium (scented): Preference.
  81. Gerbera: Innocence.
  82. Gladiolus: Ready armed, strength of character, natural grace, sincerity, love at first sight.
  83. Gloriosa: Glorious beauty.
  84. Grass: Submission, untility.
  85. Gypsophila (baby's breath): Innocence, purity of heart.
  86. Heather: Protection, your wishes will come true.
  87. Heather (lavender): Admiration; solitude.
  88. Heather (white): Protection; wishes will come true.
  89. Hibiscus: Delicate beauty.
  90. Hipperastrum: Expectations, splendid beauty, pride timidity.
  91. Holly: Good will, defense, domestic happiness, foresight.
  92. Honeysuckle: Pleasure, permanence, steadfastness, generous and devoted affection.
  93. Hyacinth (blue): Constancy.
  94. Hyacinth (purple): Sorrow.
  95. Hyacinth (white): Unobtrusive loveliness, I will pray for you.
  96. Hyacinth (yellow): Jealousy.
  97. Hyacinth (red or pink): Play.
  98. Hyacinth (genral): Playful joy.
  99. Hydrangea: Understanding, boastfulness, frigidity, heartlessness.
  100. Hyssop: Wards away evil spirits.
  101. Iris: A message of faith, wisdom, hope, authority, victory, conquest, pain.
  102. Ivy: Fidelity, friendship, marriage.
  103. Jasmine: Amiability.
  104. Jonquil: Love me, affection returned, desire; sympathy; desire for a return of affection.
  105. Juniper: Protection.
  106. Larkspur (pink): Fickleness.
  107. Lavender: Love devotion.
  108. Lemon Balm: Brings love.
  109. Lemon verbena: Attracts opposite sex.
  110. Lilac: Love's first emotions.
  111. Lilac (purple): First love.
  112. Lilac (white): Youthful innocence, modesty, virginity, majesty, purity.
  113. Lily: Majesty, truth, honor.
  114. Lily (white): Purity, virginity, majesty, it's heavenly to be with you.
  115. Lily (yellow): Gratitude, happiness, I'm walking on air, false.
  116. Lily (orange): Hatred.
  117. Lily (calla): Beauty.
  118. Lily (day): Coquetry.
  119. Lily (eucharis): Maiden charms.
  120. Lily (madonna): Purity.
  121. Lily (tiger): Wealth, pride.
  122. Lily of the Valley: Return or happiness.
  123. Lotus: Enlightenment.
  124. Magnolia: Love of nature.
  125. Marigold: Comforts the heart.
  126. Marjoram (sweet): Joy and happiness.
  127. Mint: Virtue, protection from illness; warmth of feeling.
  128. Mistletoe: The state beyond earthy limitations, kiss me, affection, to surmount difficulties.
  129. Moluccella: Good luck, truth.
  130. Moss: Maternal love; charity.
  131. Myrtle: Love, Hebrew emblem of marriage.
  132. Narcissus: Regard, you're the only one, unrequited love, unequaled love, egotism, formality, the sun shines when I am with you.
  133. Nasturtium: Patriotism, conquest, victory in battle, maternal love, charity.
  134. Oak acorn: Life and immortality.
  135. Oak leaves: Bravery.
  136. Oleander: Caution, beware.
  137. Orange blossom: Your purity equals your loveliness, brings wisdom.
  138. Orchid: Love, beauty, refinement, beautiful lady, flower of magnificence.
  139. Palm: Success, victory, fame, righteousness.
  140. Pansy: Thoughts.
  141. Passionflower: The suffering of Christ.
  142. Peony: Bashfulness, the spirit of ambition and determination.
  143. Petunia: Your presence soothes me.
  144. Phlox: Unity, our souls are united.
  145. Pine: Hope, pity.
  146. Pomegranate: Compassion, fertility, immortality, intellectual ability, creative power.
  147. Poppy (genral): Life and death, good and evil, light and darkness, fruitfulness.
  148. Poppy (red): Pleasure; consolation.
  149. Poppy (white): Consolation, sleep.
  150. Poppy( yellow): Wealth, success.
  151. Prickly Pear: Satire.
  152. Primrose: I can't live without you, early youth.
  153. Primrose (evening): Inconstancy.
  154. Pussy: Willow motherhood.
  155. Ranunculus: You are radiant with charms.
  156. Redbeckia: Justice.
  157. Rose (general): Love, joy, beauty.
  158. Rose (deep pink): Thankfulness.
  159. Rose (orange): Desire and enthusiasm, fascination.
  160. Rose (pale pink): Grace, joy.
  161. Rose (peach): Desire and enthusiasm.
  162. Rose (pink): Perfect happiness, secret love, grace, sweetness, indecision.
  163. Rose (red): Secrecy.
  164. Rose (white or cream): Innocence, purity.
  165. Rose (yellow or green): Friendship, joy, jealousy.
  166. Rose leaf: You may hope.
  167. Rose (single, full bloom): I love you, I still love you.
  168. Rose (black): Death.
  169. Rose (cabbage): Ambassador of love.
  170. Rose (Christmas): Tranquilize my anxiety, anxiety.
  171. Rose (damask): Brilliant complexion.
  172. Rose (dark crimson): Mourning.
  173. Rose (hibiscus): Delicate beauty.
  174. Rose (red and white): Together, unity.
  175. Rose (tea): I'll always remember.
  176. Rose (thornless): Love at first sight.
  177. Roses (musk cluster): Charming.
  178. Roses(Garland or crown of): Beware of virtue, reward of merit, crown, symbol of superior merit.
  179. Roses (Bouquet of full bloom): Gratitude.
  180. Rosebud: Beauty and youth, a heart innocent of love.
  181. Rose bud (red): Pure and lovely.
  182. Rose bud (white): Girlhood.
  183. Rosemary: Remembrance.
  184. Royal fern: Reverie.
  185. Sage Wisdom: Long life.
  186. Salvia (blue): I think of you.
  187. Smilax: Loveliness.
  188. Snapdragon: No, strength, deception, gracious lady.
  189. Snowdrop: Hope.
  190. Spiderflower: Elope with me.
  191. Stephanotis: Marital happiness, desire to travel, come to me.
  192. Stock: Lasting beauty.
  193. Strawberry: Purity, sensuality, fertility, abundance.
  194. Sunflower: Long stemmed haughtiness.
  195. Sunflower: Short stemmed mean adoration.
  196. Sweet pea: Delicate pleasures.
  197. Thyme: Strength and courage, ensures restful sleep.
  198. Tuberose: Dangerous pleasures.
  199. Tulip: Love, passion, fame, charity, perfect lover.
  200. Tulip (red): Believe me, declaration of love.
  201. Tulip (variegated): Beautiful eyes.
  202. Tulip (yellow): Hopeless love.
  203. Veronica: Fidelity.
  204. Violet: Modesty, faithfulness, calms tempers.
  205. Violet (blue): Watchfulness, faithfulness, I'll always be true.
  206. Violet (white): Let's take a chance on happiness.
  207. Viscaria: Will you dance with me?
  208. Water lily: Purity of heart.
  209. Woodruff: Sweet humility.
  210. Yarrow: Health, healing.
  211. Zinnia: Thoughts of friends.
  212. Zinnia (magenta): Lasting affection.
  213. Zinnia (mixed): Thinking of an absent friend.
  214. Zinnia (scarlet): Constancy.
  215. Zinnia (white): Goodness.
  216. Zinnia (yellow): Daily remembrance.

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