Ideas For Wedding Reception Decorations

Bring out your style and personality for others to see with your choice of unique wedding reception decorations.

By reflecting your personality, tastes and interests in your decorations you will be creating a unique and wonderful atmosphere for your wedding day.

Wedding reception ideas can stretch from a sophisticated and lavish event to a small an intimate afternoon tea with close friends and family.

But regardless of what type of wedding reception that you want, it will have many things that you will need to organize.

It will start from selecting the right wedding reception venue, arranging the table seating plan, working out a menu and also getting ideas for the wedding reception decorations.

Decorating for wedding receptions does require good planning and preparation, and this does not matter how formal or how small or big the reception will be.

Jonquils and greenery table decorations.
1. Simple fresh flower arrangements

The type of reception decorations that you want can be dependent on the number of wedding guest expected at the wedding reception.

There are so many different wedding reception ideas out there that it can become quite costly so if you have limited funds it is wise to decide on a budget for these and stick to it.

Having a themed wedding reception is a brilliant idea to create your unique wedding style and this can be done on an affordable budget while keeping in mind the seasons. For example:

  • If you were to have a spring theme wedding then the decorations could include inexpensive seasonal fresh fragrant flowers.
  • For a fall wedding theme warm and vibrant colors work well and you could bring the outdoors in by using natural elements such as autumn leaves and produce such as pumpkins for your wedding reception decorations.
  • Decorate the outside corners or your dance floor with poles which have been draped with inexpensive tulle and elegantly draped with garlands of greenery or satin ribbons.
Napkin decorated with fall leaves.
2. Autumn leaves for place setting decorations.
Wedding reception with flower decorations.
3. Use flower arrangements hold back sheer drapes.
  • To create a romantic atmosphere use candles at your wedding reception. When lit for an evening wedding will create a soft romantic glow and can lightly scent the air.
  • If you have chosen to use scented candles do make sure that the perfume is not too strong as it can be unpleasant for some guests who may suffer from allergies.
Lanterns on stairway.
4. Use decorative lanterns to light stairways.
Wedding candle reception decoration.
5. Soft candle light for the wedding tables.
Candles highliight the sides of the pathway.
6. Candles and fairy lights create a soft romantic glow.

Flowers are another popular way to decorate wedding receptions. Use them as wedding reception centrepieces matching the flower colors to your wedding theme.

The vases that you use can be simple or ornate placed on table cloths that also match or compliment your theme.

The modern way to display your wedding flowers can be more casual and creative than what you think - which can also make planning them fun.

Where Can You Use Flowers At Your Wedding Reception?

The most common use is in the brides wedding bouquet, flowers for the reception tables or flowers on the wedding cake but there are many more places and ways to display your flowers.

To make the use of your budget and keep your wedding flowers more affordable choose flowers that are local and in season. Or just opt for one or two larger displays to make an impact.

Below you will find seven creative ways to use and display your wedding flowers.

1. Hang Or Group Your Wedding Flowers

Mason jars or any small to medium sized jars, terracotta pots and small tin pails can make an amazing display for your wedding flowers.

Painted decorative terracotta pots.
7. Use decorative pots for flowers.

You can either leave them plain or decorate them to match your wedding theme with fabric, ribbon or raffia.

  • You can mix and match the sizes or choose to use all the same size jars.
  • Group them together in odd numbers on your tables for an easy table centrepiece.
  • Depending on where your reception is taking place you can suspend them from the ceiling, tree branches, fence railings or anywhere you would like to add some color.

2. Give The Gift That Keeps Growing

Potted plants on wedding table.
8. Have living plants for the decorations.

Make your wedding day memories last by giving your wedding guests small potted plants as wedding favors.

  • You can present them in small terracotta pots, small wooden boxes, even small mini pails or simply wrap them in fabric tied with a ribbon.
  • You can consider giving gardenias, lavender, carnations, bulbs or even olive trees.

These small gifts can also double up as your place card holders if small or if slightly larger they could take pride of place in the centre of your tables.

3. Welcome Wreath Of Flowers

Heart shaped flower wreath.
9. Create romantic shapes with flowers.

Have you considered a wreath as part of your wedding reception decoration ideas?

Traditionally the wreath is made round which symbolises unity, eternity and has no end. But you are not limited to the round shape how about a heart to symbolise your love.

The perfect place for a wreath would be at the entrance to your wedding reception venue as a sign of welcome.

A wreath can also be used as a backdrop for the head wedding table.

Have your florist create you a wreath in flowers that match you wedding theme or if you wish have it made from silk flowers this way you can keep it as a memento of your day.

4. Sitting Pretty

Place single or small bunches of flowers either on the sides or back of your chairs for a beautiful look.

You can do this on every chair if the budget allows or just use flowers on every second or third chair.

Wedding chairs with flower decorations.
10. Add flowers to the chairs.

5. Decorate The Place Settings

An ordinary napkin can be made to look special if it is combined with other table decoration items.

Tropical orchids will be a perfect combination with a light brown colored napkin folded into the shape of a pyramid. Wedding reception decoration ideas for napkins can include:

  1. Placing of a bud rose on a white napkin that has hearts imprinted upon it would be a great idea to convey your feeling of love.
  2. A single stem Calla Lily, when placed on a metallic color napkin, will make the napkin look extra special.
  3. Place a small Christmas tree beside a green napkin folded into the shape of a crown if it is a winter wedding.
  4. A grey colored napkin with imprinted lilies will signify gratitude towards your guests.
  5. A blue napkin, neatly folded into the shape of a standing fan, with orchids around it will send a message of graciousness.
Red table napkin with flower decorations.
11. Decorate the place settings with plants.

6. Floral Backdrop

String flowers together either silk or fresh and hang from the ceiling or branches to create a floral backdrop - a great spot to have your wedding photos taken.

Bride and groom sitting in front of a floral backdrop.
12. Create hanging backdrops.

7. Powder Room

Orchids decorating folded towels.
13. Use few flowers to pretty the powder room.

One of the most visited areas at any wedding reception will be the bathroom yet it is one that is almost always overlooked when considering wedding reception decoration ideas.

To create a nice elegant feel to this area use floral scented soaps, air fresheners, hand towels and some sweet smelling flowers.