11 Easy Wedding Decoration Ideas

(With 24 beautiful picture ideas.)
Add some style and beauty to your wedding day with these wedding decoration ideas. You will find eleven beautiful ideas that can make a difference to your wedding day look.

You can easily adapt some or all of these ideas to suit just about any wedding theme.

Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

1. Wooden Log Wedding Table Numbers/Place Card Holders

Rustic wooden table numbers.
1. Wooden log table numbers. Rustic wedding decoration ideas.

A cheap and inexpensive way to number your wedding tables is to use wooden disks.

If you know someone handy with a saw you can make these yourself by cutting sections of a small log or branch - how thick you cut them is up to you or you can by them. Next paint or wood burn your table numbers on them.

They can be laid flat on your table as picture on the right or if you prefer flatted the bottom edge so that they will stand upright.

To complement your wedding table numbers you can make some matching place card holders simply by cutting smaller and taller rounds, then cut a slit into the top to hold a place card.

2. Mason Jars As Wedding Decorations

If you are having a rustic or country style wedding theme you can use mason jars as part of your wedding decorations.

Here are some ideas that you can mason jars as part of your wedding decorations:

Centrepiece Ideas

  • Decorate the outside of the jars with ribbon, lace, twine, burlap or any other element that will fit in with your wedding theme.
  • These can then be used as vases for flowers or hold floating candles.
  • The mason jars can also be used as table numbers, simply by adding a label to the outside of the jar.
  • They can be hung as decorative items in an outdoor wedding.
Mason jars used to hold candles.
2. Wedding centerpiece using mason jars.
Mason jar holding flowers.
3. Use mason jars as vases.
4. Secure candles inside mason jar by using small pebbles or decorative stones.
Vintage style mason jar decoration idea.
5. Hang decorated mason jars from tree banches.

Aisle or Chair Decorations

  • Mason jar chair decorations.
    6. Mason jars used to decorate chairs.
    Mason Jars can also be used down the wedding aisle.
  • You can hang flower filled jars from the sides of the chairs or hang them of shepherd hooks.

Mason Jars Drinking Glasses

  • For a total rustic look use mason jars as your drinking glasses.

3. Wedding Table Flower Decorations

An easy way to decorate your wedding tables is to use decorative ribbon as a table runner on your tables then simply place odd numbers of flowers at regular intervals on the ribbon.

Wedding table decoration with flowers.
7. Use decorative ribbon and a few flowers as decorations.

4. Homemade Rose Petal Cones

Rose petal cones are a great green wedding idea and can be easily made.

You can use just about any type of paper - just make sure that it is not to thin as it will be flimsy and will crush when held.

You can recycle pages of old books, magazines, newspapers, use homemade paper, paper doylies and so on the list is endless.

Paper cones used to hold rose petals.
8. Use decorative paper cones.

5. Simple Flower Centrepiece Idea

Simple flower centrepieces can be made using glass containers in any shape and size - just make sure as they complement each other and your wedding theme.

  • Fill these containers with water, then add a flower or two to the containers.
  • Group the containers in odd numbers for some reason odd numbers always look better than even.
  • If you like you can place several small votive candles around the display and scatter confetti, gem stones, rose petals or other decorative elements to complete the look.
    9. Keep the flower arrangements simple.

6. Make Your Own Wedding Bunting

Make your own wedding bunting to decorate various areas of your wedding such as:

  • The wedding gift table.
  • Dessert table.
  • In front of the bridal table.
  • Line them across the walls, between structures, or from tree to tree.
  • Drape from the ceiling.
  • Even line the aisle to your wedding ceremony.

You can leave the bunting plain or you can print, embroider or paint messages onto them - such as the one pictured below.

Be creative with the materials that you use for your bunting you can recycle old sheets, use any fabric scraps that you have left over or purchase new fabric to match your theme.

Wedding gift table with bunting.
10. Use bunting to decorate some areas of your wedding.

7. Ribbons and Bows

Wedding chairs with orange bows.
11. Add bows to chairs.

Use ribbon in your wedding colors to decorate:

Wedding backdrop of multi colored ribbon.
12. Use multiple lengths of ribbon to create a backdrop for an outdoor wedding.

8. Decorate Your Place Settings

One way to make your wedding guests feel special is by giving a personal touch to the place settings at the reception.

You don't have to go to great expense here simple things:

  • Like the way the napkins are folded.
  • The addition of a flower or two.
  • Or even the way the cutlery is presented.

Just so long as it looks like some care and thought has been placed into it.

Place setting decoration ideas with carnations tied with twine.
13. Small bouquet of carnations as the place setting decorations.
White table napkins decorated with small flowers.
14. Rolled napkins and flower decorations.
Napkin pockets with cutlery inside.
15. The cutlery folded into the napkins - perfect for a casual wedding reception.
Pink tulip and ribbonw wedding decroation idea.
16. Matching ribbon and tulip place setting idea.

9. Beautiful Balloon Wedding Decoration Ideas


Balloons are fun, inexpensive and can easily replace your wedding reception flowers.

You can use helium filled balloons:

  • As part of your wedding table centrepieces.
  • Have a helium filled balloon float from the back of each of your guest chairs.
  • Have them line the ceiling of your wedding venue.
  • You could also organize a balloon release after your wedding ceremony or as you depart from your wedding reception.

Or you can use air filled balloons to:

  • Create a balloon arch for the entrance to your reception or as a backdrop for your wedding cake.
  • Create other decorative figures and shapes such as intertwined hearts.
Wedding balloon decoration ideas outside venue entrance.
Wedding heart balloon decorations behind birde and grooms table.
Wedding balloon arch decoration idea.
Pink and white balloon decorations at wedding reception.
Balloons used as table centerpieces.

10. Dress It Up with Burlap

No Sew Table Runner

Burlap wedding decoration ideas as napkins, favor holder and table runner.
23. Burlap table decoration ideas.

You can easily create no sew table runners with burlap.

  • Start by determining the size and width of your finished runner and cut to size.
  • When cutting to size make sure that the cut edges run in line with the woven burlap strands - this is important for the next step.
  • As burlap is a loosely woven fabric it is easy to create a frilled edge.
  • Simply start from one of the cut edges and carefully pull out the first strand of fibre (you will find that this will come out very easily) repeat this several times over and you will start to see a "frill" forming.
  • Keep pulling out fibre strands until you are happy with the depth of the frill.
  • You can now repeat this for the other three sides.

This method can also be used to create placemats, decorative napkins and even favor bags (but this will require a little sewing).

11. Fresh Flower Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Wedding Cake

An inexpensive way to decorate your wedding cake is to keep the icing simple and use fresh flowers as the decorations.

Wedding cake with fresh flower decorations.
24. Use fresh flowers to decorate the cake and table.

If you do choose to use fresh flowers make sure that they are insect and pesticide free.

The flowers will have to be added to the cake on your wedding day.

Match the flowers to your wedding bouquet.

Place flowers all over your cake as pictured or:

  • Create a cascade of flowers from to top tier to the bottom.
  • Place small bunches randomly over the cake tiers.
  • Have a small bouquet similar to your wedding bouquet made as the wedding cake topper.
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