Wedding Decoration Ideas Using Flowers

7 Ways To Use Flowers At Your Wedding Reception + 18 Picture Ideas

Wedding decoration ideas using flowers.

Have you given thought as to where you can use flowers at your wedding reception.? Below you will find seven creative ways to use and display flowers at your wedding reception.



2. Give The Gift That Keeps Growing

Make your wedding day memories last by giving your wedding guests small potted plants as wedding favors.

  • You can present them in small terracotta pots, small wooden boxes, even small mini pails or simply wrap them in fabric tied with a ribbon.

  • You can consider giving gardenias, lavender, carnations, bulbs or even olive trees.

These small gifts can also double up as your place card holders if small or if slightly larger they could take pride of place in the centre of your tables.


~ 6 ~

Flowering Tulip in small sqaure glass container.

Photo by p.d.

Flowering blubs in small colored glass containers make and elegant wedding favor idea and when you add a favor tag can double us as a place card.

~ 7 ~

Daffodil and hyacinth flowering bulbs in tea cup and mug.

Photo by p.d.

Another idea would be to use unusally containers such as a cup and saucer or even a mug for your living favors.

3. Welcome Your Guests With A Wreath Of Flowers

Have you considered a wreath as part of your wedding reception decoration ideas? Traditionally the wreath is made round which symbolises unity, eternity and has no end. But you are not limited to the round shape how about a heart to symbolise your love.

The perfect place for a wreath would be at the entrance to your wedding reception venue as a sign of welcome. A wreath can also be used as a backdrop for the head wedding table.

Have your florist create you a wreath in flowers that match you wedding theme or if you wish have it made from silk flowers this way you can keep it as a memento of your day.


~ 8 ~

Round flower wreath hanging on door.

Photo by p.d.

Round flower wreath with large ribbon bow.

~ 9 ~

Heart shaped flower wreath with white ribbon.

Photo by p.d.

Heart shaped wreath wedding decoration idea.

4. Sitting Pretty

Place single or small bunches of flowers either on the sides or back of your chairs for a beautiful look.

You can do this on every chair if the budget allows or just use flowers on every second or third chair or just on the bride and groom chairs.


~ 10 ~

Pink roses and ribbon chair decoration idea.

Photo by tujian99 - Depositphotos

Medium flower decoration on the back of a chair.

~ 11 ~

Single flower decoration on the back of a wedding chair.

Photo by jesadaphorn - Depositphotos

Single flower and organza sash wedding chair decoration idea.

5. Decorate The Place Settings

An ordinary napkin can be made to look special if it is combined with other table decoration items. Wedding reception decoration ideas for napkins can include:

  • Placing of a bud rose on a white napkin that has hearts imprinted upon it would be a great idea to convey your feeling of love.

  • A single stem Calla Lily, when placed on a metallic color napkin, will make the napkin look extra special.

  • Place a small Christmas tree beside a green napkin folded into the shape of a crown if it is a winter wedding.

  • A grey colored napkin with imprinted lilies will signify gratitude towards your guests.

  • A blue napkin, neatly folded into the shape of a standing fan, with orchids around it will send a message of graciousness.

  • Tropical orchids will be a perfect combination with a light brown colored napkin folded into the shape of a pyramid.


~ 12 ~

Single flower on a white napkin.

Photo by p.d.

Place a single flower bud on folded napkin.

~ 13 ~

Rose on a folded napkin.

Photo by p.d.

Lay a single flower stem on a napkin and decorate with twine or ribbon.

6. Floral Backdrop

Use flowers to create a backdrop that can be used as a background for wedding photos, or the background of the head table. If you don’t like the idea of using a flower decorated wall you could always use a flower covered arch or swing.

~ 14 ~

Lage paper flower and branch backdrop idea.

Photo by f.p.d.

You could use large paper flowers and tree branches to create an interesting backdrop.

~ 15 ~

Large and small paper flowers pinned to a curtain backdrop for the head table.

Photo by f.p.d.

Dress up a plain curtain background by using real or faux flowers in large and small sizes.

~ 16 ~

Flower covered arch at a wedding reception venue.

Photo by Mona Varga

Have you considered a wedding arch not only are the beautiful for the ceremony, an arch would make a lovely backdrop for photos at your wedding reception.

~ 17 ~

Swing covered in flowers.

Photo by f.p.d.

If you are having an outdoor wedding reception, a swing covered in flowers would make a lovey decoration idea and photo background.

7. Powder Room

One of the most visited areas at any wedding reception will be the bathroom yet it is one that is almost always overlooked when considering wedding reception decoration ideas. To create a nice elegant feel to this area use floral scented soaps, air fresheners, hand towels and some sweet smelling flowers.


~ 18 ~

Photo by p.d.

Heart and vine border image.

Inspirational Quote

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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

by Lao Tzu
Heart and vine border image.

Wedding Tips and Ideas

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Avoid using elaborate table linens as the rental costs of these can quickly add up.

Instead save your money by using the white or cream linens that your caterer has and add an overlay or table runner.

Dessert buffet idea.

Wedding Food Budget Idea

Have a pot luck wedding reception. Ask your guests to bring a dish instead of a gift.

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