Sweet Ideas - Wedding Cake Alternatives

37 Delicious Dessert Ideas If You Don't Want Wedding Cake

Sweeti Ideas- Wedding Cake Alternatives

There are many reasons why couples are looking for wedding cake alternatives it could be that they just don’t like wedding cake, have allergies to certain products or dislike the fact that the cost of a wedding cake will eat into their budget. Below you will find some helpful points to consider when making your choices.


  • Decide if you are going to have your alternative cake in addition to the dessert or using it as the dessert itself.
    • If you are planning on having the cake alternative as the dessert it should be substantial and be served soon after the main meal (if you are doing a cake cutting ceremony this should be done first and then serve the dessert).

    • If you are having it in addition to the desserts it could be smaller and served about an hour or so after your guests have eaten.

  • Take into consideration your wedding theme you should select a dessert that would complement your chosen wedding theme there’s’ no point in serving toffee apples at a black-tie wedding - it’s just not sophisticated enough, you might be better serving croquembouche or a colourful macaroon tower.
  • Take the weather into consideration when making your choice. If your wedding is in winter consider serving hot desserts such as hot apple crumble or steamed puddings where these warming desserts would be appreciated or alternatively if your wedding is on a hot summers day cold desserts such as homemade ice-cream in cones, ice-cream sandwiches or sundaes might be a better choice.
  • Is your wedding close to a holiday such as Christmas, Valentine’s day or Thanksgiving? You could choose a dessert from this holiday season. Just imaging cutting into a large gingerbread house and serving your guests little mini gingerbread houses – which you could also double up as wedding favors.
  • What is your favorite dessert?  I personally like tiramisu. I like the idea of the cake cutting ceremony I would have a small tiramisu cake made for that and then serve the guests tiramisu in elegant long-stemmed glasses.
  • Consider the serving size cake alternative. A moderate sized cream puff drizzled with chocolate sauce with the addition of some pretty decorations will look more enticing and generous than a meagre two or three chocolate truffles.
  • Consider your budget, somethings are cheaper to make than others. If your guest list is small this might not be an issue but when your guest list is large things can quite easily add up.
  • Think about how you are going to display your alternative wedding cake option. Just because you aren’t having a traditional wedding cake you still want that “wow” factor, you can get many great ideas by browsing the internet.
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