Tulip Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Woman in field of tulips.

Tulip wedding bouquet arrangements are among one of the most popular choices for a spring wedding. Freshly picked tulips create a sense of beauty and color such as the bride’s beauty on her special day.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors from strong reds to soft whites with almost every color in between. Try and picture your wedding with an all white tulip wedding flower theme for either an indoor or outdoor wedding. You could go wild by decorating the aisles, door frames and walls in different varieties of white tulips. For more drama choose tulips in a dark shade, they would be a sophisticated accent for any wedding.

Tulips can be arranged into almost any wedding bouquet style from round, cascading, or clutch. Tulips are a long-lasting flower because they retain moisture for a long time.

If you are making your own tulip bridal bouquet here are something's to remember:

  1. Tulips are a thirsty flower, so it is important that you condition your flowers before your wedding day, cut the stems and allow them to stand in plenty of fresh water to ensure that they soak up the water.

  2. Tulips are the only flower that will continue to grow when cut and placed in water. The tulip can be grown up to 5cm (2 inches) which can alter the look of a mixed floral display if you have prepared it a day or so in advance. This will not be so noticeable in an informal arrangement of a bouquet made of only tulips.

  3. Tulips are also sensitive to temperature, this can be a problem if you place your flowers to early in a warm venue. Try to keep the them cool for as long as possible to prevent the tulip from fully opening.


Did You Know? Tulips are the national flower of two countries The Netherlands and Turkey. Tulips where first discovered in Turkey.

13 Tulip Wedding Bouquet Ideas

~ 1 ~

Yellwo tulip bouquet.

Photo by rsedlacek - Depositphotos

Yellow tulips encased in a woven grass frame.

~ 2 ~

Bride holding a bouquet of tulips.

Photo by

Carry a large bouquet of hand-tied tulips.

~ 3 ~

Fringed tulip bouquet idea.

Photo by agneskantaruk - Depositphotos

A bouquet of fringed tulips with a lace handle.

~ 4 ~

Tulips tied with a big white bow.

Photo by Miiisha - Depositphotos

Small bouquet of tulips.

~ 5 ~

Tulips handtied into a bouquet.

Photo by p.d.

Colorful bouquet of tulips with a vintage style trim on the handle.

~ 6 ~

Fabric tulip bouquet.

Photo by p.d.

Handmade tulip bouquet mad from fabric.

~ 6 ~

Red and yellow tulips.

Photo by razvanchirnoaga - Depositphotos

Bright and colorful.

~ 7 ~

Purple and orange tulip bouquet.

Photo by p.d.

Use green button mums to add a freshness to the bouquet.

~ 8 ~

Pink tulip bouquet.

Photo by Todd Kuhns - Fotolia

A simple clutch bouquet.

~ 9 ~

Large white tulip bouquet.

Photo by Fotolia

A lovely large loose bouquet of tulips.

~ 10 ~

White tulip bouquet.

Photo by lexuss - Fotolia

Decorate your tulip bouquet with a faux string of pearls.

~ 11 ~

White tulip bridal bouquet idea.

Photo by friday - Depositphotos

Mix the white tulips with lillies.

~ 12 ~

Yellow tulip bouquet

Photo by malivan - Fotolia

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