Summer Wedding Theme Ideas

A summer wedding theme can be held outdoors if the weather is not too hot. The time and location of the wedding should be based upon the most comfortable time of day or evening.

Always consider a shady place and breezes that may occur between buildings, mountain or trees.

Also consider possible summer showers or other weather related concerns in your selected area.

If the location is in a very hot climate you may like to consider tents or other shelters.

It is important to make your guests feel comfortable with seating, and ensure that everyone can hear and see the wedding ceremony.

If the ceremony is to be held outdoors the use of microphones may be necessary. Camouflage the wires and make sure that they are secured in a safe way so that no one trips over them.

Incorporate the surrounds of your chosen location into your wedding style. Take advantage of any architectural elements and decorative features that may be at the reception.

Take advantage of the shady sides of buildings for the food and champagne tables, floral displays, guest seating and photo settings.

Regardless of where the location is, you can just about have any theme you want. Listed below are three theme ideas to get your started.

3 Summer Theme Wedding Ideas

1. Beach Wedding Theme

If you are lucky enough to live close to the beach you could have your ceremony or reception or both at the beach.

Open air beach wedding reception setting.
1. Beach wedding reception out in the open air.
Sea shells and orchids on a white wedding cake.
2. Beach themed wedding cake surrounded by edible sand.
Nautalus shell bridal bouquet.
3. Bride holding a bouquet made with a nautalus shell.

2. Sunflower Wedding Theme

Wedding favors with sunflower decorations.
4. Wedding favors decorated with sunflowers.

Sunflowers are bright and colorful perfect for a summer wedding theme. They come in a variety of colors from the common bright yellow to deep burgundy.

You won’t have any trouble finding related sunflower theme wedding products that you can use to personalize your wedding.

You can find some beautiful sunflower bouquets on our bridal bouquets page.

3. Garden Theme Wedding

Dessert buffet in outdoor garden setting.
5. Wedding buffet in garden setting.

A garden theme wedding can be an ideal setting for your wedding especially if it is lush and green with plenty of shade around.

Take advantage of any natural beauty that it may have to offer and carefully work your decorations around them so that they all blend to give a complete and balanced look.

You might find natural arches or floral backgrounds that you could use as a backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Match your wedding theme colors with one or two of the flowers growing the garden you could also use similar flowers on your tables.