Gorgeous Succulent Wedding Ideas

28 Ideas For Using Succulents On Your Wedding Day

Gorgeous succulent wedding ideas.

Have you considered the robust succulent plant for your wedding? Succulent plants are virtually indestructible and are ideal for harsh situations such as the beach and hot dry climates because they won’t wilt and die as easily as the usual delicate flowers used for weddings.

Succulents can be worked into just about any wedding theme and non-better than a country or rustic wedding theme. Below you will find some lovely succulent wedding ideas that you could possibly use as inspiration for your own wedding.


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Wedding Tips and Ideas

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Wedding Invitation Planning Tip

Post your wedding invitations at least six weeks before the wedding, don’t forget to include an RSVP date (this should be at least two to three weeks before the wedding date).

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Frist Dance Music Tip

Don’t forget the first dance music. You may already have a song that is special to both of you that you could dance to. If not you should start looking for a song that you both love and practice dancing to it.

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Wedding Photo Idea

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