Romantic Wedding Theme Ideas

A romantic wedding theme, just as the words bring to mind a sweet sentiment, and thoughtful gestures of beautiful expressions of love. This wedding style is unpretentious, romantic and nostalgic in every aspect.

The romantic wedding theme style is relaxed. It is all about blending sentiment, mementos and keepsakes with family and friends, with a new fresh feel.

It gives the couple the opportunity to honor wedding traditions from their separate families, while creating new ones which can be handed down to their children.

It may mean that the bride wears a precious gown or headpiece, or the groom wearing cuff links or a tie pin which has been handed down from one generation to another. A romantic wedding theme such as a fantasy or Cinderella wedding will give a nostalgic atmosphere.

A romantic wedding style may be simple or fussy, homey or elaborate, but it will always be soft and at ease.

The romantic wedding and receptions can be spontaneous and charming. The can take place in the country, a ranch or anywhere outdoors and indoors.

The bride will bring her own sense of style to every aspect of the day's celebrations and activities.

In every wedding the little details are what enhances the memories. In a romantic wedding theme making every thing unique and pretty is what makes the wedding day special and memorable.

It gives the bride and groom the opportunity to express their tastes and personalities; sharing their dreams of the future together and it is also an opportunity to spoil their family and friends.

From displaying the guest books to photo albums, to the personal gifts from her to her bridal party members and even the smallest embellishments are all intended to express the dreams and hopes of two people in love.

Beautiful arches and table decorations in white roses.
Roses no matter what color will always create a sense of romance.
Vintage car decorated with roses.
Add a little old world charm and romance by arriving in a classic or vintage car.
Whte gazebo with red and white decorations.
Use red accents teamed with white as part of your romantic theme.
Volumes of softly draped fabric are used to create a romatic archway leading to the ceremony site.
Use soft and light fabrics as part of your decorations.
Pastel colored cones with rose petals.
Have your guests shower you with rose petals as you leave the ceremony.
Bride and groom holding doves for dove release.
Have a dove release ceremony at your wedding. White doves represent love, peace, happiness and prosperity.

To bring your wedding style into reality, use items that you have treasured or borrowed from willing family and friends. Or search through the second-hand shops or antique stores.

Romantic wedding theme ceremony and receptions can be understated (simple) or flamboyant. Natural elements of fresh flowers, water fountains, grassy lawns, doves, seashells are all highlighted by the scent of the ocean or flowers, and music drifting gently as your guests are seated.

Receptions that are held in the evening add to the romance with the shimmering light from candles and the twinkling of the stars.

The romantic wedding theme can be dreamy or natural in atmosphere. The bride may choose to wear flowers in her hair with her veil, or she may choose to only wear flowers. Her hair may be soft and curled, flowing naturally, or pulled up. The bride may choose to dress herself in lace, ruffles, satin or wispy organdy.

Soft white tulle decoration the cake table and surrounding background.
A white wedding cake with accents of pink surrounded with volumes of soft tulle create a beautiful romantic look.

With the small items keep the colors closely related which will enhance their beauty.

Make your dining guest feel special by having their chairs decorated with satin, tulle, taffeta or other lush fabric.

The addition of a fresh flower tucked into the back of each chair will make it look even more special.

To keep the flowers looking fresh place the stem of the flower into a tiny corsage water container.

A silk flower can also be used, dress it up with a tassel, loops of beads, ribbon or pendants made to match your romantic wedding theme.

Make your wedding cake a focal point at your reception. A simple white on white wedding cake will make an elegant and romantic statement.

Seashells are naturally romantic and can be used on the wedding reception tables, whether you are at the beach or hundreds of miles away from it. Seashells and shell shapes where popular in Victorian times, they would use the seashells to embellish everything from the surrounding architecture, china and jewelery.

Use seashells and raffia to embellish the guest favors, the backs of chairs, table tops, and even the napkin rings.

For lighting use tea lights in the shapes of seashells or string them around the seating area.

Designs which are delicate go well with flowers, beads and lace. The lace edge veil below, with its graceful look, may become a treasured keepsake to be handed down to future generations.

Capture moments of days of old in a romantic carriage ride. The bride arrives at the ceremony with her prince of a groom ready to sweep her of her feet.

Cinderella style coach.
Romantic Cinderella coach.

There is also a sense of mystery when the bride sweeps by partially hidden by her bridal veil. The moment is even more memorable when the bride is wearing a cathedral length veil which trails well behind her, she may be assisted by her bridesmaids or train bearer.

The bride below has left her hair long and flowing, the back of her gown has been laced up, with bare arms and shoulder all add up to a romantic style.

Flowers are always romantic and sentimental. Aim to have the flowers complement all the elements of your wedding theme.

Pick your flower colors soon after you have chosen your bridesmaids dresses and color theme.

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