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Picture of bride and groom.


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Bride and groom wedding photo on the beach.

Photo by Shawn Henning

Why we love this

Just love this sunny day portrait on the beach. The wonderful bamboo posts with tropical flowers and starfish decorations create a lovely background.

Bride and groom having fun in go cart.

Photo by Percita

Why we love this

We love the look of the grooms face, he’s having such a fun time riding the dodgem car. This light hearted and fun photo will make a fond memory in the wedding album.

Happy bride and groom in car.

Photo by Fiona Hodge

Why we love this

Love this happy snap, it shows that they are really enjoying their day.

Bride and groom pictured in balcony over water.

Photo by Big Albert

Why we love this

The grey rocks and clear blue water create a lovely contrast and a unique look.

Bride holding extra large pink wedding flower bouquet.

Photo by Parekh Cards

Why we love this

A bride can never have too many flowers. This extra-large pink peony bouquet is exquisite.

Casual photo of bride and groom on beach.

Photo by Voss Studio

Why we love this

Love the look of the groom with rolled up trousers and bare feet, the perfect attire for a casual beach wedding.

Bride and groom exchanging rings.

Photo by Rob Bixby

Why we love this

Who needs every photograph to be in color. This lovely black and white photo of exchanging the rings is reminiscent of days gone by.

Bride holding her veil in a gust of wind at the beach.

Photo by Voss Studio

Why we love this

A beautiful and dramatic looking photo of the bride’s lace train being swept and blown upward by the wind.

Close up of bride and groom from above.

Photo by Tim Simpson

Why we love this

A view from above. This is an unusual and very modern bridal portrait.

Bride and groom kiss with blue sky in backgrounc.

Photo by

Why we love this

Don't you just love the crisp colors of blue sky, a perfect backdrop for this photo.

Couple dancing surrounded by mist/

Photo by David Russo

Why we love this

The special effects smoke is just magical.

Small boy giving the bride a kiss on the cheek.

Photo by p.d.

Why we love this

So sweet, a kiss for the bride.

Couple dancing.

Photo by p.d.

Why we love this

Shall we dance, the old fashioned way.

Couple kissing in a country sunset.

Photo by Brian Tomlinson

Why we love this

Love the richness and warmth of the glowing colors as the sunsets.

Four tiered wedding cake with flowers.

Photo by Parekh Cards

Why we love this

The flowers look just as light and delicate as their colors.

bride and groom kissing as they walk.

Photo by xxx

Why we love this

So much in love.

Romantic pose of the bride and groom

Photo by

Why we love this

The soft haze in the backgound with the light green foliage give a nice romantic feel to this photo.

Photo of bride and groom dancing.

Photo by

Why we love this

Love the contrast of the red carpet against the brides white dress.

Bride and groom sitting on rocks with river in background.

Photo by Parekh Cards

Why we love this

Mountains and water the perfect backdrop.

Couple riding in horse and carriage.

Photo by UpStickesNGo Crew

Why we love this

A horse and carrage ride, the perfect way to get to the wedding reception.

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Inspirational Quote

Closeup of two wedding rings on flowers.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

by Albert Schweitzer
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Wedding Tips and Ideas

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Image of a chocolate cake.

Wedding Day Cake Planning Tip

If you are planning wedding in summer in the outdoors or have a venue that is not airconditioned you will have to consider how the heat will affect your cake.

Some cake decorations will not stand up to the heat and you will end up with a disaster on your hands. So it would be wise to discuss the best options for frosting and decorations with your cake maker.

Picture of red car.

Wedding Day Transport Tip

If you are hiring a car for the trip to the wedding ceremony, have them arrive at least fifteen to thirty minutes before you need to leave. This way, if there is a delay with the traffic on the way to your house, you won’t need to worry about finding another way to get to the ceremony.

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