25 Non-Traditional Wedding Bouquets

Bride standing on bridge with dried flower bouquet.


2. Christmas Picks and Flowers Bouquet

Christmas theme non tradtional wedding bouquet idea.

Photo by Riley Brown

Use Christmas picks and flower sprays to create your alternative wedding bouquet. You could opt for a bouquet in all gold tones, go silver or mix it up with a multi colored bouquet.

3. Magazine or Glossy Book Paper Bouquets

Bride and bridesmaids with paper bouquets.

Photo by Vanessa Hayes

For the thrifty bride consider using pages from glossy magazines or other paper with a glossy colourful look to create unique paper wedding bouquets.

4. Combine Paper Flowers With Living Plants

Paper flower bouquet with fresh greenery

Photo by Greta Watson

Use the pages from old books and team them up with some leafy plants to create a hand tied bouquet. The paper flower featured above has been made using origami paper folding but you could use any paper flower making technique.

5. Origami Paper Ball Bouquet

Origami paper flower ball used a wedding bouquet.

Photo by Karina Kobyashi

Combine a group of origami flowers to create a paper flower ball, add a long loop of decorative braid for a handle and a pretty tassel on the end.

6. Single Giant Paper Flower Bouquet

Bride with a giant single paper flower.

Photo by f.p.d

If you are someone who likes things simple and uncluttered why not consider a giant single paper flower as your bouquet.

7. Tinted Dried Flower Bouquet

Bride with dried flower bouquet in vibrant colors.

Photo by f.p.d.

Carry a bouquet of dried brightly colored flowers in their natural state. If you want a more vibrant look you could always buy ones that have been dyed. A word of caution: Avoid getting the flowers wet, the dye will run and could ruin your dress if you are not careful.

8. Hand Tied Sheath Of Dried Flowers

Bride carrying a bouquet of dried flowers with red rose buds.

Photo by YuSheng Wang

Carry a twine bound sheath of naturally dried baby’s breath, long grasses and dried rose buds perfect for a country or rustic wedding theme.

9. Dried Leaves And Grasses Bridal Bouquet Idea

Bride carrying dired leaves and grasses in a wedding bouquet.

Photo by YuSheng Wang

Gather an assortment of dried leaves, grasses and willow for a non-traditional wedding bouquet idea.

10. Crystal and Frosted Beaded Bridal Bouquet

Bride carrying a crystal and frosted beaded bouquet.

Photo by f.p.d.

Carry a beaded bouquet that harmonizes with your wedding dress. This beautiful bouquet has been created using hundreds of beads in clear and frosted crystal beads all in a matching size and shape.  A splash of color has been added by the careful placement of narrow sheer organza ribbon.

11. French Beaded Flowers Wedding Bouquet

Cascade bouquet made using French beaded flowers.

Photo by Preciosa Ornela

French beading is a technique where beads are threaded onto fine wire and then carefully shaped to create beautiful flowers. Just about any flower can be created using this technique. As with any beaded bouquet this is not something that you would want to use in the bouquet toss as it can be very heavy and can cause an injury.

12. Light And Delicate Organza and Crystal Bouquet

Organza ribbon and crystal bouquet.

Photo by Avril Reteria Gayosso

Not a fan of heavily beaded bouquets then this might be something for you. Much lighter in look and weight, this bouquet is made using several beautiful crystal beads on a background of organza ribbon.

13. Feathers and Flowers Bouquet

White rose bouquet with feathers.

Photo by Laura K

If you don’t want to stray too far away from tradition add some unusual elements to your bouquet such as feathers.

14. Rattan Ball and Ribbon Bouquet

Red rose bouquet with ribbon and rattan ball fillers.

Photo by Bill

Stretch your budget further by cutting down on the flowers and add fillers such as large bows and rattan balls.

15. Protea Flower Bouquet

Protea wedding bouquet ideas.

Photo by f.p.d.

Be non-traditional and use statement flowers such as the large protea flower.

16. Blue Feather Fan Bouquet

Use a large feather fan as an alternative to the wedding bouquet.

Photo by LeahAndMark.com

Blow tradition right out of the window with a large colourful feather fan instead of flowers.

17. Shell Bridal Bouquet Idea

Bridal bouquet made from sea shells and beading.

Photo by RJ

Flowers are nice but when you are having a beach wedding a shell wedding bouquet might be more appropriate.

18. Ribbon Rose and Brooch Bouquet

Ried ribbon and white brooch wedding bouquet.

Photo by f.p.d

Allergic to flowers? You might like to consider a ribbon rose bouquet and make is sparkle with the addition of a few brooches and beads.

19. Crystal Brooch And Silk Flower Wedding Bouquet

White flower and crystal brooch bouquet.

Photo by f.p.d

Turn your love for crystal brooches and flowers into a work of art, by combining various clear crystal brooches together with a white silk flower bouquet.

20. Colored Crystal and Enamel Brooch Bouquet

Multi colored brooch bouquet.

Photo by Parekh Cards

You could carry a multi colored bouquet created in colored crystal and enamel broaches that have been individually wired.

21. Quilled Lantern

Lantern covered with quilled paper decorations.

Photo by Ada Urucu

If you like something a little quirky why not carry a lantern that has been decorated using paper quilling. You could even paint the lantern in your wedding theme color.

22. Presentation Bouquet

Presentation bouquet.

Photo by Adam Woodrow

Not your usual style of wedding bouquet, this long presentation style bouquet is intended to rest in the crook of your arm. It is perfect if you want to use long flowers such as lilies, stock and even long stemmed roses.

23. Gypsophila or Baby's Breath Bouquet

Baby's breath bouquet.

Photo by f.p.d

This flower is part of the carnation family and is commonly used as a filler for bouquets giving a light and airy look.  A very large bundle of gypsophila looks lovely by itself or you could add one, three or five flowers to the arrangement for added color.

24. Brightly Colored Carnation Bridal Bouquet

Carnation wedding bouquet.

Photo by f.p.d

The carnation is quite often overlooked when it comes to a wedding flowers. It has some lovely natural colors and the white carnation can be colored, by placing the stem in some water with a dye added to it.

25. Succulents and Mixed Greenery Flower Bouquet

Green plant and succulent bouquet.

Photo by JBLM MWR

For a modern bouquet try mixing succulents with a mixture of green Trix Dianthus, ferns, green leaves and only a few flowers.

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Can I see my fiance before the wedding?

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Budget Wedding Centerpiece Idea

Save money and don’t have a large flower centerpiece, instead create something simple like the arrangement shown above.

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