Long And Short Length Wedding Veils

There are basically eleven different standard length wedding veils that you can choose from on the market all with a specific name attached to it.

The measurements that you will find below are a guide only as the actual length of your wedding veil will be different from that of another bride.

As every person has different proportions there is nothing stopping your from altering or playing around with the length of the veil to get just the right look for you.

You can also use the measurements below as a guide if you where to make a veil yourself. If you are not sure how long to make the veil simply purchase a length of tulle longer than you think you need and adjust the length until you get the desired look.

Birdcage Wedding Veils

Bride wearing a birdcage veil.
1. Birdcage wedding veil style.

A birdcage wedding veil is a short circular shaped veil that does not fall past the chin usually attached to a tiny cap or even a small style of hat.

The veil can be attached to the hair with a comb, clips, barrettes or hair pins.

This wedding veil style can be worn for the ceremony with the veil pulled down over the face and the later pushed up to leave your face exposed for the ceremony.

Blusher Wedding Veils

Bride wearing blusher veil.
2. Blusher wedding veil.

A blusher is a short veil that is worn over your face when you walk down the aisle.

It can be lifted away from your face by the person giving you away or left in place until the words "You may kiss the bride!" are said - where your husband will then remove the veil.

By tradition the blusher veil is worn as a sign of purity and should never be worn for a second marriage or a bride who is pregnant.

The length of this veil varies from between 20" (50cm) to 60" (150cm). It is an optional part of the veil, and can create a formal effect when worn.

Shoulder Wedding Veils

Bride in a sholder length wedding veil.
3. Shoulder wedding veil style.

Shoulder length wedding veils also known as Madonna or Flyaway veils are usually around 24" (60cm) but can vary between 18" (45cm) to 27" (70cm) and should sit on or just fall below your shoulders.

These veils are contemporary, but can add a touch of tradition to a less formal outfit. It can be made in a single layer or up to four layers of selected fabric.

This is a fun look for a bride with shorter hair and is perfect length that will allow you to show off any detail that you may have on the bodice or neckline of your wedding dress.

Elbow Length Wedding Veil

Bride in elbow length wedding veil.
4. Elbow wedding veil.

The elbow length wedding veil can measure 28" (72cm) to 36" (90cm) long with the standard being at around 30" (76cm).

The veil should touch your elbows when your arms are straight.

It is usually worn with short and informal gowns and also works well with strapless and off the shoulder gowns.

Waist Length Veil

Bride in a waist length veil.
5. Wasit wedding veil.

Waist length gown is between elbow and finger tip length usually one to two inches longer than the elbow veil.

The average length is about 30"(76cm) to 38" (97cm).

Fingertip Length Wedding Veil

Bride displaying a fingertip length veil.
6. Finger length wedding veil.

Fingertip veil can be made of up to four layers which gives it volume and movement at the back. These can be flattering with the empire or princess line gowns.

It is not really a good choice if you are short, because it will make you look even shorter. Veils can be worn at the crown of the head, leaving the hair bare for a natural look.

Fingertip length wedding veils are about 48" (122cm) long but can range from 36" (91cm) to 50" (127cm) it should just extend to your finger tips when you arms are held straight.

Knee Length Wedding Veil

Bride and groom.
7. Knee length wedding veil.

A knee length wedding veil will fall just at or slightly below your knees just halfway between the knees and ankle.

Waltz Wedding Veil Length

Bride showing her waltz length veil.
8. Waltz weddding veil.

This veil can also be called the Three quarter, Ballerina or Walking veil it usually falls about mid calf or about 8" (20cm) to 12" (30cm) above the floor when wearing your shoes.

The actual veil would measure between 54" (137cm) to 60" (153cm) in length.

Chapel or Sweep Veils

Long chapel veil.
9. Long wedding veil.

Full or Chapel or Sweep this is a more formal veil that extends to the floor.

Traditionally this veil is made of three tiers one at the shoulder, one at the waist and then one to the floor.

It is a good veil to wear with straight gowns. An exquisite look can be created when combined with an elaborate hairstyle.

These veils can be purchased at 90" (228cm) which would need to be shortened for most brides.

Cathedral Wedding Veils

Make a grand entrance with a cathederal veil.
10. Cathedral wedding veil.

Cathedral veil is perfect for a grand church entrance. The style is very formal and spectacular with the material flowing dramatically behind the bride.

It can look fantastic with full and princess-line gowns and looks beautiful with almost any hairstyle.

These veils are usually 108" (275cm) to 180" (457cm) long you should have at least 1 foot (30cm) of the veil trailing on the floor.

Mantilla Wedding Veils

Elegant looking mantilla veil.
11. Mantilla wedding veil.

Mantilla is a scarf like circular veil usually made from lace, or lace edged tulle. 

The mantilla is usually secured with a comb which frames the face and drapes over the head and shoulder.

Smoother, dressier hairstyles will look superb with this style.

Mantilla Veil Lengths

Just like other veils the mantilla veil lengths can vary in size.

  • The smallest size is 36" (91cm) in diameter giving a waist length veil.
  • A fingertip wedding veil can be achieved by a 48" (122cm) diameter circular veil.
  • 80" (200cm) - 90" (230cm) diameter circular veil will create a chapel length wedding veil.
  • The longer cathedral veil is made by creating a 108" (275cm) diameter circular veil.