How To Choose The Right Wedding Veil

Top Tips For Picking the Right Bridal Veil

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How to choose the right wedding veil, is a question that many brides-to-be have asked at one time or another when completing their overall bridal look. This question is not a difficult one to answer, you just need to consider some key factors before rushing out and buying the very first veil you see.


When the time comes for you to pick your veil you should take into consideration the following:


I will explain the above points in more detail but before we go any further you need to be aware that to get the look right:

  1. Your wedding veil and headpiece should complete your look, and not draw everyone's attention away from your face and wedding dress.

  2. Just like the wedding dress, there are many bridal veil styles, lengths and fabrics that you can choose from.

  3. The veil that you select should match your personality and taste but it should also complement your face shape, body shape, hair style and your ceremony.


Let’s look at the above points in more detail.


1. Think About The Ceremony And Location

One of the first things that you should consider is your wedding ceremony and its location. For instance, if your ceremony was to be held in a church or indoors a long bridal veil might be appropriate.

However, if you were to have a casual wedding ceremony, let’s say on the beach where it can be windy a short elbow length or birdcage veil might be more suited. Next you should take into consideration your wedding dress.


2.. Consider Your Wedding Dress Style

If your dress has a detail or feature that you would like to show off you would be best to select a sheer simple veil that will highlight and bring attention to the design.

On the other hand, if your dress is simple and understated with little or no embellishments you could easily wear a veil that has more detail on it. Then you should take into consideration the length of your veil.


3. Factor In The Veil Length

It is important to find a veil length that will flatter your body shape and your wedding dress. For example:

  • A long veil that extends past the fingertips will draw away attention from a large bust or stomach by adding the illusion of height.

  • Short veils such as the birdcage or elbow length veils would draw attention away from your hips if you were pear-shaped.

  • If you were short you should avoid veils that are too long as they can make you look even shorter and heavier - your best option would be to have a veil that sits at your waist or higher.


4. Then Decide On Fabric, Color and Embellishments

Bridal veils are usually made from soft fabrics such as silk, tulle, illusion, all over lace fabrics or chiffon. However, wedding veils can also be made from any soft sheer lightweight fabric that drapes well.

Your veil can be left plain which will allow the details of your dress to "shine" through. Or you can create an extra special look with your veil by embellishing it with lace, rhinestone trim, delicate beading, all over crystals, or patterns of gilded threads.

Traditionally white or cream was the only color choice a bride had for her veil, but with the many different colored wedding dress available today so have the color choices increased for the wedding veil.


5. Your Wedding Headpiece

If you choose to wear a headpiece such as a tiara, crown or headband with your veil you must make sure that it flatters your face shape, height and personality. The style of the headpiece should give you an overall balanced look and not make you look out of proportion by making you look too tall or short or too fat or too thin.

In some cases, it is important for the tall bride to take into consideration the height of the groom, you don't want to look unbalanced with headpiece that makes you look even taller than your partner.

The headpiece should also be light in weight and looks so that it won't overpower your wedding dress and you. So, if it looks too big or small try on another size until you find the perfect look.


6. Your Wedding Day Hairstyle

You might already have an idea of the type of hairstyle that you would like to wear on your wedding day. If this is the case when you experiment with various wedding veil styles pin or style your hair in a similar fashion to get an idea of the overall look.

If you don't have an idea of how you would like to wear your hair but do have an idea of the veil style browse through magazines or online to find something that resembles your chosen style.

Once you have found similar veils see how the models have had their hair styled, copy the ones that you like and take these to your hairdresser.

You should also take your veil with you when visiting your hairdresser so that they can see your veil style, this will make it easier for them to create the perfect hairstyle for you.

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Bride Idea

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When To Put On Your Veil

Don’t put your wedding veil on right after you slip into your wedding dress, you might want to wait to the last possible minute if:

  1. There is a chance it might get wrinkled in the car on the way to the ceremony.
  2. If your veil is extra-long it might make it difficult for you getting in and out of the car.

You might be better off putting it on once you have arrived at the ceremony location.

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Wedding Tips and Ideas

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Wedding Day Tip

Don’t forget to pack an overnight bag for you and your groom and have it take to your hotel room on the day of your wedding. This will ensure that you both don’t leave the hotel the next day in your wedding clothes.

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Bridal Veil Tip

Make sure that your veil is nice and secure with bobby pins, you don’t want to be chasing your veil mid ceremony if you are in a windy location.

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