How to Buy A Wedding Cake 14 Tips and Ideas [Infographic]

At almost every celebration there is a cake and this is almost always the case at a wedding. For most of us our wedding will be possibly be the one and only time that we will invest a significant sum of money on a cake.

So, it would be wise to ensure that you are aware of the various factors that need to be considered to guarantee that you will be getting the cake you want without over stepping your budget.

You might think it is just a cake, but you have to be aware that wedding cake prices vary depending on the type of ingredients used, the size of the cake, the type of decorations used, the type of icing used to cover the cake, the actual time that the baker and or cake decorator spend on completing the cake and not to mention the popularity of the cake decorator.

So, how do you buy a wedding cake and make sure that you are making the right choices? The following infographic outlines some of the most important areas that you need to consider.

Infographic - How to Buy a Wedding Cake - 14 Tips and Ideas