Lush Leafy Greenery Wedding Ideas

58 Ways You Can Use Greenery As Wedding Decor

Greenery wedding idea. - Picutre of bride sitting on white lounge chair in lush green forest.

Greenery wedding themes are popular this year where couples choose to use arrangements made completely with foliage, but you should not just limit yourself to that. Did you know that greenery is inexpensive and can help you stretch your wedding flower budget.

By incorporating more greenery in your arrangements and using less flowers, you can still have lush and beautiful displays without the extra expense of ones that use three or four times the number of flowers in them.


If you plan it right you may not even have to spend that much for example:

  1. You could have an evening outdoor spring wedding where you can take advantage of mother nature and the flourishing surrounds, twist some small twinkling lights amongst the trees and bushes and you have a magical evening venue.

  2. If you are lucky enough to have a lovely garden you could use the greenery from you garden and it will cost you nothing.

Use the ideas below to start planning your greenery wedding theme today.


Green Foliage Wedding Ideas Without Flowers

~ 1 ~

Picture of wedding gown hanging on wooden frame.

Photo by f.p.d.

Use the lush green surroundings as a backdrop for photographing your wedding gown.

~ 2 ~

Pricture of engagment ring alongside green leaves.

Photo by f.p.d.

Use green leafy foliage as accent decorations.

~ 3 ~

Indoor furniture in an outdoor setting.

Photo by f.p.d.

Make the most of the location use vintage style furniture to create a lovely outdoor setting.

~ 4 ~

Brides pictured with junior bridesmaid and flower girl.

Photo by f.p.d.

Create matching bouquets of greenery of your bridesmaids.

~ 5 ~

Flower girl holding a basket for green leaves.

Photo by f.p.d.

Have your flower girl scatter green leaves down the aisle instead of rose petals.

~ 6 ~

Groom having boutonniered pined to lapel.

Photo by f.p.d.

Your groom and his men can all wear green leave boutonnieres.

~ 7 ~

Image of a groom and his male attendants.

Photo by f.p.d.

~ 8 ~

Bride seated holding a green leave bouquet.

Photo by f.p.d.

You could create a bouquet of leaves in the same variety and shade or mix it up by using leaves in different shapes and colors.

~ 9 ~

Greenery wedding ideas using leaves to highlight candles.

Photo by f.p.d.

Greenery works very well with the natural warmth of timber in any form.

~ 10 ~

Bride and groom under a wedding arch covered in greenery.

Photo by f.p.d.

You could say your vows under natures own canopy or create a rustic wedding arch using greenery.

~ 11 ~

Bridal group photo in green bushland.

Photo by f.p.d.

Capture lasting memories with natures on greenery in the background.

~ 12 ~

Bride and groom entering reception venue.

Photo by f.p.d.

Decorate your venue using fabric in a complementary shade of green.

~ 13 ~

Head table with leaf monogram in background.

Photo by f.p.d.

Create a monogram shaped wall hanging and fill it in the green leaves. You could also hang a leafy green garland on the wall or mantle.

~ 14 ~

Table decorated with leaves and candles.

Photo by f.p.d.

Decorate the centre of long tables with long leafy garlands and candle light.

~ 15 ~

Naked wedding cake with green leaf table decorations.

Photo by f.p.d.

For a quick and simple wedding cake table decoration idea use leaves that are still on the branches.
Heart and vine border image.

Wedding Etiquette Tip

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When do we do the first dance?

Traditionally no one should dance until the bride and groom have had their first dance. There are several options for having the first dance you could immediately move to the dance floor following the grand entrance, it could be done between courses or after the meal.

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Wedding Tips and Ideas

You can read more tips and ideas by clicking here.

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Wedding Flowers Planning Tip

If you don’t have a large budget for your flowers, let your florist know. This way they can work out the best floral arrangements that will work within your budget.

Picture of smiling bride.

Wedding Day Photo Tip

To make sure that the bride and bridesmaids look their best it’s a good idea to have a small bag containing hairpins, hairspray, safety pins etc. for emergency touch ups.

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