Beautiful Fondant Wedding Cake Ideas

(26 superb designs.)

Fondant wedding cakes are beautiful works of art. They have been popular in England and Australia for many years and are gaining more popularity in America.

A fondant cake can be made as a simple cake with some fresh flowers and ribbons, or more elaborate with filigree, lace work and flood work.

As a cake covering rolled fondant gives a softer look to a cake than royal icing.

It is usually placed over a marzipan layer which will stop the color of the cake coming through.

Fondant icing can be used and decorated in many ways to achieve a variety looks to a cake such as:

Marbled Fondant Icing

Chocolate marbled fondant icing.
Marbled fondant icing

It can be marbled to give a multi colored effect. Several colors can be used to give a vibrant look, or just use one or two soft colors for a delicate tone.


White fondant iciing with crimped edging.
Crimped fondant edge.

Crimping tools are similar to large tweezers with patterned ends. Crimping is a quick and effective way to achieve decorative edges and borders to rolled fondant wedding cakes


Cupcakes with blue embossed fondant icing.
Embossed fondant icing.

Special embossing tools can be used to decorate the cake, but you can use any other patterned items such as cookie stamps, cutters or icing nozzles to make an impression on the soft icing.


Flowers made with fondant icing.
Hand crafted sugar flowers.

Rolled fondant can be used to model almost any shape that you can think of. Small objects such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, animals or what ever is going to suit the style of your cake.

Cut Out Shapes

Cake decorated with oranage polka dots.
Orange cut out dots.

A variety of shapes and cutters can be used to stamp out all kinds of colorful shapes for decorating cakes.

Plunger Blossoms

Blue plunger flowers decorate a fondant iced cupcake.
Flowers cut out using a plunger cutter.

Special plunger blossom cutters can be used to make dainty flowers. The cutter contains a plunger for pushing out the delicate shapes once they have been cut out.

Frills and Drapes

White wedding cake with draped fondant icing.
Fondant icing draped to look like folds of fabric.

Rolled fondant icing can be made to look like frills and drapes around a wedding cake.

Plaques - Flowers and Shapes

Fondant butterfly shapes as a cake topper.
Fondant icing has been used to make these butterfly shaped cake topper.

A plaque, flowers and other shapeds can be made from fondant icing it could be a simple shape or it can be made more elaborate depending your desire.

26 Fondant Wedding Cake Pictures

Wedding cake with textured fondant icing.
1. A spring day.
white round stacked wedding cake dusted with edible gold.
2. Midnight blue.
Ornately decorated three tiered wedding cake.
3. A royal touch.
Pink and brown themed wedding cake.
4. Delectable tangerine.
Square white wedding cakes with lilac ribbon trim.
5. Simple elegance.
Fun wedding cake design with bride and groom swan cake topper.
6. A touch of class.
Four tiered wedding cake with purple blossoms.
7. Purple blossoms.
Pearl dusted pink and white fondant iced wedding cake.
8. Vibrant magenta.
Small pink and white wedding cake.
9. Marbled perfection.
Four tiered topsy turvy wedding cake.
10. Pretty in pink.
White and hot pink wedding cake with hovering butterflies.
11. Mystic garden.
Three tierd pink and white wedding cake.
12. Pink bunting.
Five tiered round wedding cake with greeh and purple flowers.
13. Country charm.
Fondant draped wedding cake with small cutout purple flowers.
14. Hidden treasure.
Elegant looking three tiered wedding cake with roses.
15. Vintage rose.
Small white wedding cake.
16. Charming white.
White on white wedding cake with an all white bride and groom cake topper.
17. Old fashioned romance.
Four tiered wedding cake piped all over with dots, decorated with white satin ribbon bows.
18. White on white.
Colorful three tiered topsy turvy cake.
19. Circus fun.
Five tiered wedding cake made to look like it is gift wraped.
20. All wraped up.
Monpgramed white wedding cake with decorative button embelishments.
21. Old time charm.
Three tiered wedding cake with pleated fondant icing.
22. Modern and fun.
White wedding cake with bright blue ribbon accents.
23. Bright and bold.
White wedding cake layered with soft pink and white roses.
24. Romantic lustre.
White wedding cake heavily decorated with elegant piping detail and draped fondant.
25. Timeless sophistication.
Five tiered wedding cake separted by cake pillars.
26. Elegance in white and cream.
When you have decided on your fondant cake style will want it to be displayed at its best; learn the secrets to creating an attractive wedding cake table display.