How To Choose Your Flower Crown

8 Tips For Getting the Right Look

Bridesmaids wearing pretty flower crowns.

Just like the wedding dress, flower crowns come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. They can be made from fresh flowers, silk flowers, paper flowers, crocheted flowers, ribbon flowers, beaded flowers, dried flowers or any other method of flower making you can think of.  

So, careful thought and consideration should be taken when picking your crown of flowers, it should flatter your face and your overall look.

For most of us our wedding day could be the first and last day that we ever wear a flower crown and it might fell odd, but when you have made the right choice you will know just like your wedding dress that it is the one.

To help you we have listed points that we think you should take into consideration when it comes to looking for your crown of flowers.


1. Choose Flowers That Will Last The Day

If you are using artificial flowers, dried flowers or other flowers that are not real this is something that you don’t have to worry about. On the other hand, if you are using fresh flowers do be aware that some flowers will last longer than others, so if you want your crown looking at its best all day long choose flowers that will last.

Flowers such as orchids, roses, jasmine, carnations, baby’s breath, ivy, ferns, wax flowers or daisies are just some of flower varieties that don't wilt easily.


2. Decide On The Base Of Your Flower Crown

Every crown needs a base on which to “grow”, it could be a wire frame shaped into a full circle, a short garland with ribbons on each end to create an adjustable crown, a headband, ribbon, or lace just to name a few. You need to decide which would be more suited to your needs.

A crown made using a full circle will have to be custom made to suit each wearer so that it sits correctly on the head. An adjustable crown is an ideal option in that it allows the wearer to make the necessary adjustment to obtain a correct fit, by securing it in place with ribbon that can be tied into a bow at the back.

Some flowers with long flexible stems such as daisies can be platted and then formed into a circle to create a crown. I think this would look lovely if you are having a rustic country wedding theme in spring, just image you or your bridesmaids wearing a daisy crown and in the background, is a field full of daisies in full bloom what a lovely picture that would make.

~ 1 ~

Headband decorated with flowers.

Photo by Faylyne

Headband With Flowers

~ 2 ~

Flowers attached to ribbon to create a crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Flowers on Decorative Ribbon

~ 3 ~

Image of an adjustable flower crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Adjustable Crown of Flowers

~ 4 ~

Flower crown on circular fraime.

Photo by Faylyne

Full Circle Frame

3. Think About Your Hairstyle

Flower crowns look lovely with long wavy locks but also look great with long straight hair as well as short. However, you can still create an attractive look with loosely braided hair, a nice neat low hair bun or a loose half up-down hairstyle - just look at the ideas below for inspiration.

~ 5 ~

Woman with long straight hair wearing daisy flower crown.

Photo by ierdnall

Long Straight Hairstyle

~ 6 ~

Woman wearing a flower crown with braided hair.

Photo by ierdnall

Tightly Braided Hairstyle

~ 7 ~

Woman wearing large red flower crown.

Photo by ierdnall

Long Wavy Hairstyle

~ 8 ~

Bride wearing flower crown with short hairstyle.

Photo by p.d.

Short Hairstyle

~ 9 ~

Woman wearing flower crown over an updo.

Photo by Faylyne

Styled Updo

~ 10 ~

Woman with side swept hair and floral crown.

Photo by ierdnall

Side Swept Style

~ 11 ~

Woman with side swept hair and floral crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Loose Half-up Hairstyle

~ 12 ~

Woman with side swept hair and floral crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Loose Side Braid

4. Decide On The Size Of Your Crown

This is a totally personal some people like a crown that is over sized with large blooms which would suit their outgoing personality, others like something more refined and dainty looking with tiny flowers and others something in-between.

When making your choice take into consideration your wedding style, the design of your wedding gown, your personality, hairstyle and height. You want your crown to complement your overall look, so take the time to think carefully about its size.

~ 13 ~

Dainty crown of flowers.

Photo by Faylyne

Small And Dainty

~ 14 ~

Small crown of flowers.

Photo by Faylyne

Medium And Modest

~ 15 ~

Large crown of flowers.

Photo by ierdnall

Big And Bold 

5. Get The Crown Placement Right

Experiment with the placement of your flower crown some ways are going to look better than others depending your face shape, crown style and the hairstyle you choose.

For example, if your flower crown has a cluster of flowers it might suit you better to wear the cluster of flowers on one side rather that at the front of your head, or if you are wearing a veil the cluster may be better placed at the back of the head just over the veil.

Or, You could choose to wear your crown of flowers circling the top of your head or angled going from the front down to the back of your neck.

~ 16 ~

Rose flower crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Cluster of Flowers 
At The Back

~ 17 ~

White flower crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Cluster of Flowers 
On The Side

~ 18 ~

Pink flower crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Flower Cluster 
At The Front

~ 19 ~

Pink flower crown.

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski

Crown Of Flowers Circling 
Top Of Head

~ 20 ~

Pink flower crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Leaf Crown In An Angled

~ 21 ~

White flower crown worn over the forehead.

Photo by ierdanll

Floral Crown Worn Accross 
The Forehead

6. Add Personal Touches

You don’t just have to have flowers, create something that is totally unique and you, by incorporating other elements to create something truly special.

For example, you could work a fine string of pearl beads into the crown if you are having a vintage style wedding. Or, have a butterfly or two hoover just over your flowers for a butterfly theme. You might even like to work in flowers or greenery from the location for a seasonal look.

~ 22 ~

Rose flower crown.

Photo by ierdnall


~ 23 ~

White flower crown.

Photo by Faylyne


~ 24 ~

Pink flower crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Trailing Vines

~ 25 ~

Pink flower crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Threaded Beads

~ 26 ~

Pink flower crown.

Photo by Faylyne


~ 27 ~

White flower crown worn over the forehead.

Photo by Faylyne

Tiny Shells 

~ 28~

White flower crown worn over the forehead.

Photo by ierdnall

Use Greenery Instead 
of Flowers

~ 29 ~

White flowers on plaited braid.

Photo by ierdnall

Use Plaited Cord As A Base 
For The Crown

~ 30 ~

White flower crown worn over the forehead.

Photo by ierdnall

Design Your Crown Around
The Season

7. Wedding Veils and Floral Crowns

Don’t think that you need to forgo the wedding veil if you wear a flower crown there are several ways that you can make them both come together beautifully. For example; you could loosely drape a veil over your head, so that part of it covers your face creating a blusher effect, then place the crown over the top to hold the veil in place. Or, you could secure the veil neatly between the base of a crown and the top of a bun.

~ 31 ~

Rose flower crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Veil Attached to Crown Base

~ 32 ~

White flower crown.

Photo by Faylyne

Veil Position on Either Side 
Of The Head

~ 33 ~

Bride wearing veil tucked under a cluster of flowrs.

Photo by Mark J. Handy

Veil Tucked Under A Cluster
Of Flowers

8. Tips For Keeping Your Crown Of Flowers Looking Fantastic

On your wedding day you want your floral crown to last for as long as possible, so there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Try not to handle the flowers too much especially if your crown is made using fresh flowers. If you keep touching the fresh flowers you risk the chance of bruising the flower petals which can cause them to go brown in the damaged areas.

  • Avoid getting hairspray on the flowers, apply the hairspray to your hair first before positioning your crown.

  • Don’t store your crown of fresh flowers in the refrigerator with food as some foods can cause flowers to go brown.

  • Use hair pins to hold the crown securely in place.
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