5 Easy DIY Wedding Centerpieces To Make

(With 37 pictures of easy centerpieces.)

Be inspired with these easy diy wedding centerpieces for tables that you can create for your wedding reception.

Just remember that when creating centerpieces for weddings you will need to set aside some time to create your masterpieces.

Take into consideration factors like your wedding theme, colors, season, and of course your budget.

Just about all of the ideas on this page are simple wedding centerpieces where you can do most of the preparation long before your wedding day and will only take a short time to finish on the day.

1. Floating Candle Centerpieces

Floating candle with shells and orchid flower.
1. Medium sized square vase with one floating candle, orchid flower and decorative stones.

Floating candles are easy diy wedding centerpieces, you can use just about any wide mouth container for them.

The table centerpiece above has been created using a glass container similar to a fish bowl which has been partially filled with water. Several orchid flowers (or you can use other flowers) have then been submerged in the water before adding the floating candles.

To finish of the look place the bowl on a decorative cloth or even a table runner that matches your wedding colors, frame your homemade wedding centerpieces with inexpensive greenery such as ivy.

Daisies floating in a tall cylindrical with floating candle.
2. You can float flower heads in water at various heights. Then add a floating candle to complete the display.
Three cylindrical vases of staggered height on a mirro tile.
3. Add interest by staggering the heights of the vases.
Two floating candles in a glass container wrapped with a bow.
4. Keep it simple by using a small container and just one or two candles.
Use wine glasses as containers to hold floating candles.
5. Fill wine glasses with small decorative stones, water and floating candles.
Fish bowl filled three candles and orchid flower.
6. A large fish bowl, simple orchid flower and three floating candles.
Large shallow bowl with many floating candles and serveral small flowers.
7. Large shallow bowls, and an assortment of small flowers with a generous amount of candles can be used.
Red and white flowers with candles.
8. Use lots of flowers to fill the glass bowl.
Candles floating in water with rose petals.
9. Keep it simple with just a few rose petals.
More candle centerpieces can be seen on our wedding reception candle ideas page.

2. Lavender Centerpieces For Weddings

Lavender flowers in pots.
10. Fresh flower centerpieces of potted lavender.

Living plants are lovely centerpieces for weddings on a budget because these can also be used as your wedding favors.

These are also easy to make centerpieces for weddings if you have a green thumb, all you need to do is decide on the type of plant that you would like to give and cultivate it from seed, seedlings or cuttings.

Grow your living favors in ordinary pots and then a week or so before your wedding day you can transplant them into smaller better looking pots to be given as wedding favors.

3. Mirror Centerpieces For Weddings

Create romantic centerpieces for weddings using an assortment of various sized and shaped clear glass containers.

To achieve the look above select one large square vase, two smaller vases and a round vase for the candle.

Fill the square vases half way with water and carefull float a rose flower or two on the water (Note: remove the stems from the roses before adding to the water).

Place a candle in the round vase and carefully top with water. Arrange the four vases on a square mirror and scatter with rose petals to complete the look.

Flower balls sitting on mirrors at the edge of bridal table.
11. Three beautiful daisy balls with matching ribbon on square mirror tiles.
Learn how to make a flower ball.
Purple and silver theme centerpiece.
12. Winter theme centerpiece.
Flowers and cancle centerpiece.
13. Sqaure mirror with pillar candles in vases and flower centerpiece.
Simple centerpiece of green and white.
14. Tall centrepiece on round mirror complimented with crystal candle holders.
Gold fish and flower centerpiece idea.
15. Gold fish and flower centerpiece.
Pink and yellow centerpiece with floating candles.
16. Water and flower filled vases in various heights with votive candles.
Wine glass filled with purple decorative stones and candle.
17. Wine glass filled with decorative stones sitting on round glass mirror.
Warm tones have been used to create this mirrored table centerpiece.
18. Framed mirror holds matching warm toned candles and other decorative elements.
A light and airy look is created when using glass and white flowers.
19. Create a table runner effect by lining up serveral of the same type of centerpieces on long tables.
Centerpiece made using sqaure and round vases placed on top of a square mirror.
20. Add interest by using different sizes and shapes.

4. Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers

Creating non floral centerpieces can be and inexpensive alternative to flowers. Large glass vases can easily be used to create simple candle centerpieces for weddings.

In order for your candles to stand straight inside the vase select ones that have a large flat surface area at the inside base - also take into consideration the neck opening - will it be wide enough for the candle to enter the vase.

Before placing your candles inside you might like to decorate the outside of the vases with ribbons or other details to match your theme these can easily be attached using double sided tape.

Once the candles are in the vases carefully add decorative elements such as small pebbles, glass stones, water crystals or even coffee beans.

Finish of your display by placing your vases on mirrors.

Basket with seasona fruit as a table centerpiece ideas.
21. Use seasonal fruits and vegatables in similar tones.
Large square candle in square glass vase.
22. Use large candles and leaves.
Water bead filled vase with candle.
23. Use water beads to hold candles in place.
Candle table runner idea.
24. Place candles on a contrasting table runner with decorative beads.
Wine glass decorated with starfish motive used to hole a candle.
25. Decorate items with your theme motive.
Purple and white candles of various sizes  create an interesting tablle runner effect.
26. Go all out and use masses of candles.
Simple single candle as table centerpiece.
27. Or just use a single candle.
Candle in lantern.
28. Place candles in lanterns.
Candles in vases standing on mirror.
29. Decorate the containers with ribbon.
Large pillar candle surrounded by lemons.
30. Use seasonal fruit in various sizes.
Use Christmas decorations to decorate the tables if your wedding is close to the date.
31. Use decorative balls and confetti.
Limes placed on a tiered cake stand.
32. Use cake stands to add interest and height to your display.

5. Birdcage Centerpieces For Weddings

Birdcage centerpieces for weddings add a gorgeous touch to your tables. You can fill them will fresh flowers or artificial flowers.

For centerpieces without flowers consider using miniature birds - you can find these in craft stores, use moss, decorative stones or straw to cover the base inside the cage before adding the birds.

Finish with a decorative bow that matches or compliments your theme colors.

Birdcage with flower arrangement.
Candle inside birdcage.
Birdcage with roses and greenery inside.
Hanging birdcakes with flower arrangement inside and birds outside.
Two white birdcages used to decorate wedding table.
See our main page on wedding reception ideas for more ways to decorate your wedding reception.