Tips For Buying Comfortable Wedding Shoes

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Comfortable wedding shoes will have you smiling all day long, so it is important to carefully shop for your shoes just as you would your wedding dress. If you make the mistake and I am sure that we have all done this at some point in our life, is to fall in love with a shoe only to find that we can’t make it through the evening because our feet hurt.


You shouldn’t make this mistake for your wedding day, because you will be on your feet for many more hours than just going out for an evening and you want to be comfortable. So, follow the tips below and I am sure you will find a pair that is comfortable and looks fantastic.

  1. You should ignore the size on the shoe and go by how well they fit your feet regardless of what size is stated on the shoe.

  2. Most people have different sized feet so choose a shoe by how well it fits the larger foot.

  3. When you try the shoes on walk in them for a bit (I like to have them on my feet for about 5 – 10 minutes), walk around the store with them on while you look at other shoes. You will soon start to notice any discomfort such as pinching, rubbing or uncomfortable pressure on the balls of your feet because they are way to high.

  4. When walking around the store make sure you walk on the carpet and tiled areas these surfaces will give your shoe a different feel underfoot.

  5. Make sure that you have enough room around your toes at least a thumbs width from the front of your largest toe. If there is not enough room your toe nails will hurt due to the pressure of being pushed up into the enclosed shoe.

  6. You should also consider the fit around your big toe and pinkie toe. If you are trying on a shoe that is has strappy or has cut out areas near theses toes they should stay within the shoe and not spill out over the outside, get caught or have the strappy part slip between the outer toes as you walk.

  7. You should also have enough room around the widest part of your foot, it should not be pressed up against the side of the shoe, you may have to go up half a size for a correct fit.

  8. Make sure that the ball of your foot feels comfortable in the shoe. For example, you may find that the sole lining does not go all the way down to the toe and causes a slight ridge under the ball of the foot this can give you problems when wearing them for a long time.

  9. How does the bottom of your heel feel? Is there sufficient padding or do you feel lumps and bumps from the shoe. Is there is a non-removable label under the heel, if so does it feel flat and comfortable under your heel, or does it feel rough and raised and uncomfortable you could end up with blisters.

  10. How does the back of the shoe feel does it rub against the back of your heel near the tendon area, if it does you could end up with red and sore or with blisters.

  11. For fully enclosed shoes how do they feel across the top of your foot?

  12. If you are trying on a pair of slip-on shoes your heels should not come out of the shoe when walking they are too big.

  13. If you think that you will want extra padding inside your shoe on your wedding day (whether it be a full insert or just one for the ball or heel of your foot) you should take them with you when looking for shoes. You should place these inside the shoes you are trying on so that you get the correct fit, because the inserts will make the inside of the shoe smaller and tighter.

  14. The best time to try on shoes is later in the day, the reason for this is that your feet will slightly swell as the day goes on making your feet slightly larger.
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Wedding Tips and Ideas

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Wedding Flower Planning Tip

When visiting potential florists take with you, clippings of bouquets and arrangements you both like and dislike.

These clippings will give the florist an idea of the style you are looking for.

Also, if you can bring a picture of your wedding dress, details of the venue and swatches for fabric for color matching.

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Budget Wedding Dress Idea

Buy a formal evening gown instead of the traditional wedding gown. These still look great and are usually a lot cheaper than a wedding dress.

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