Ideas For Bridal Party Flowers

The bridal party flowers should complement the bridal bouquet design. Choose a focal flower for your bouquet and this will establish an overall theme for the wedding party.

Choose your bridal party flowers so that the flowers will look good in photos. The maid or matron of honor bouquet is usually similar to the bride’s bouquet, but a different color. These distinctions help the guests to identify the members of the wedding party. 

Make sure that the bridesmaids bouquets, coordinate with the brides and don’t blend in with the dresses. Also give instructions to your bridesmaids as to how you want them to hold the bouquet so that an overall consistent even look is achieved.

Bouquet of fressias and tulips.
For Example:
  • If they are carrying hand bouquets get them to rest their arms at hipbone level while holding the bouquet with both hands.
  • If they are carrying arm bouquets the bouquet should rest in the crook of the either the right or the left arm.
  • If they are carrying a basket it should be held by on hand at the side.

When selecting the arrangements for the flower girl, make sure that it is easy and light enough for her to carry down the aisle. A basket filled with flowers and some rose petals might be something to consider.

If choosing wedding hair flowers they must look delicate, but be sturdy enough to remain fresh and intact throughout the wedding.

Bride Idea
When selecting the size of the bouquets for your bridesmaids, it is a good idea provide details of their heights and weights to the florist so that bouquet sizes can be adjusted accordingly.
If your bridesmaids are of various sizes you will want the bouquet sizes to complement their height or body size. You don’t want a bridesmaid carrying bouquet that is too large for her if she is very thin or tiny and you don’t want a small posy bouquet carried by some who is large size it just won’t look right.

Boutonnières (buttonholes) for the men, usually consist of a single flower. It could be a rosebud or carnation and are often white, but there is no rule to this, so just choose or have the groom choose the flower and color. Make sure it matches the theme of the wedding and the bridal flowers.

Bouquet Styles for Your Bridal Party

Listed below are various arrangements suitable to use for your bridal party flowers.

  • Teardrop bouquet
  • Round posies
  • Cascading trail bouquet
  • Hand Picked bouquets - A mixture of garden flowers
  • A few long tall stemmed flowers with greenery e.g. gerberas or tulips
  • Corsages
  • Ball of flowers
  • Baskets
  • Parasols
  • Hairpieces
  • Halo and sash
  • Pomander
  • Flowers on ring bearer pillow

How Much Do Bridal Party Flowers Cost?

It is difficult to give an actual cost on the price of wedding flowers as it will vary from wedding to wedding.

Some factors such as:

  • The area that you live in.
  • The type of flower that you choose - are they local in season or imported.
  • How many flowers in the arrangements.
  • The number of flower arrangements you will need.
  • The experience and the reputation of your florist.
  • Time of year.
  • Will you be doing your own arrangements and so on...

These will all have an impact on the cost of the flowers. The best way to find out the actual cost of flowers would be to obtain quotes and compare the prices in your local area.

Who Pays for Wedding Flowers?

Traditionally it was the bride's family who paid for the bridesmaids bouquets, the groom's boutonniere and cake flowers.

The groom's family would have paid for the bride's bouquet, corsages for the mother and grandmothers and groomsmen boutonnieres.

But this not the case today, as many couples are paying for their own wedding or their parents will contribute certain amount to help cover the costs.