150 Beautiful Ideas For Bridal Bouquets

(Including calla lily, hydrangea, sunflower and orchid bridal bouquets.)
Nothing smells as nice as fresh flower bridal bouquets with the lovely fragrant perfume of the blooms within.

Below you will find many beautiful pictures of fresh flower bouquets that include Gerber daisies, hydrangeas, orchids, sunflowers, tulips and more.

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7 Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet

A calla lilly bouquet is simply elegant when made as a hand tied presentation bouquet. Always a sleek and elegant look with its strong slender stems making it look so graceful.

White and pink calla lily bouquet with grass loops.
1. Calla lilly pink bouquet design.
White calla lily bouquet with white satin wrapped around the handle.
2. White calla lily bouquet with white satin ribboh handle.
Yellow and orange bouquet.
3. Yellow and peach toned calla lily bouquet.
Calla lily bouquet.
4. Soft pink colored bouquet with calla lilies.
Bride holding orange lily bouquet.
5. Burnt ornage calla lilies bridal bouquet.
White lilly and red rose cascade style bouquet.
6. Bouquet with white calla lilies.
White lily bouquet.
7. An all white calla lily bouquet.

Need more inspiration the go to our calla lily bouquet page for more pictures, ideas and 2 diy calla lily bouquets to make.

3 Carnation Wedding Bouquets

The carnation has to be one of my favorite flowers I just love the tight flower petal head and it's scent is heavenly.

Pink and white carnation bouquet.
8. Pink carnations surrounding whtie carnations.
Pink and purple wedding flower bouquet.
9. Pink carnations with a scattering of purple flowers.
Red carnation and lavender bouquet.
10. A mixture of dark and medium red carnations are in this bridal bouquet.

18 Gerber Daisy Bouquets

White daisies wedding flower bouquet.
11. White daisy and rose brides bouquet.

A gerber daisy wedding bouquet can be a visual delight to the eyes in its vibrant colors. The colors range from hot pinks, reds, yellows to the softer shades of pinks, and whites and other paler shades.

I love hot colors, and this is what a gerber wedding bouquet can give. The colors advance towards your eye, they are always spectacularly striking and vibrant.

When clustered or grouped together they are dynamic and dramatic. The hot color range gives you a creative flair that has no limits.

One of the hottest colors is yellow (the color of the sun), it radiates warmth wherever it goes.

Many of the yellows are referred to as gold shades (these would be perfect to use if you want to use gold wedding flowers); these add a depth and richness to any bouquet.

A simple bouquet of three gerberas tied together with an organza bow will make a very nice simple bouquet and it is something that you can do yourself.

The gerber daisy can be used as a simple clutch posy or combined with other flowers. Add drama to a bouquet and arrangements, mix oranges, steel blues, and yellows for your wedding day flowers.

When making your bouquet, handle the gerberas with care, avoid excessive handling of the flowers as they can bruise. The gerbera daisy is a fairly hardy flower. Store them in a jar of fresh water right up to the last minute to keep them looking at their best.

Pink and red gerber daisy bouquet.
12. Red, pink and white gerber daisy bouquet with purple organza ribbon.
Soft pink gerber daisy bouquet.
13. Soft pink double gerber daisys with crystal beaded pins.
Long stemed daisy bouquet.
14. Long stemmed daisy bouquet with matching red ribbon.
Bridal bouquet made with pink daisies and roses.
15. Roses and daisies in complimenting shades of soft pink, surrounded by ferns.
White wedding flower arranagement.
16. White daisy and orchid hand tied bouquet.
Delicate white daisy bouquet.
17. White daisy bouquet with a ruffled organza collar.
White daisy and cornflower bouquet.
18. Small cluch style posy with white daisies and cornflowers.
Pink daisies surrounded by large green leaves and pearl beads on wire.
19. Pink and green daisy bouquet with wired pearl beading.
Autumn toned wedding bouquet.
20. Bright yellow and pinks look great as a summber bouquet.
Large yellow daisy bouquet.
21. Make a statement with with extra large daisy bouquet.
White, yellow and pink bouquet.
22. Gerber daisy bouquet with pink, white and yellow flowers.
Spring colored bouquet.
23. Sunny looking daisy bouquet.
Bride holding a yellow and green bouquet.
24. A bouquet with yellow daisies and roses.
Bouquet made with trailing fern, white roses and dark pink daisies.
25. Bright pink daisy and white rose bouquet.
Pink hand tied daisy bouquet.
26. Soft pink toned hand tied daisy wedding flower bouquet.
All pink rose and daisy bouquet.
27. Hot pink and medium pink daisy held together with a matching pink bow.
Yellow and red bouquet idea.
28. Medium sized daisy bouquet.

3 Tropical Wedding Flowers

Exotic and tropical bouquets can consist of orchids, anthurium, hibiscus, protea, heliconia and bird of paradise to name a few.

Tropical style bouquet.
29. Bridal bouquet with tropical flowers and leaves.
Uniuque bridal bouquet with a large shell.
30. Bridal bouquet with a large nautalus shell and tropical flowers.
Red flower bouquet.
31. Red tropical flower bouquet.
More unusual bouquets can be found here.

12 Blue Hydrangea Bouquets

For many years the tradition of carrying a white or ivory bouquet was the preference for many brides.

Blue and pink wedding flower bouquet.
32. Blue hydrangea flowers and soft pink rose bouquet.

Today many modern brides like to incorporate color into the wedding theme and this can be done by carrying bright colors and unusual flowers in their bouquet.

One popular color choice for weddings is blue and the soft billowy blossom texture and tones of a blue hydrangea bridal bouquet can create an inviting and refreshing feel to a summer wedding.

The hydrangea wedding flower creates lovely bridal bouquet arrangements for both the bride and her bridesmaids.

The hydrangea flower has many shades of blue from sky blue to rich navy and your hydrangea bridal bouquet can easily be you’re “something blue”.

The hydrangea flower can be worked into several types of bouquet designs:

  • You can have an all hydrangea bridal bouquet by combining several stems of hydrangeas to create a simple bouquet.
  • They can be combined as a filler with other flowers such as roses to create a larger bouquet without increasing the cost. The hydrangea can be clustered in the center of the bouquet or arranged as an attractive collar around the outside of the bouquet.
  • Scattered in with other larger and smaller flowers to create a unique bridal bouquet.
Blue hydrangea and white rose bouquet.
33. Blue and white bouquet.
Blue bouquet with a hint of white.
34. Blue and white bouquet ideas.
Bridesmaids bouquets made with blue hydrangea flowers.
35. Blue hydrangea flowers for the bridesmaids.
Bride holding a blue and white bouquet.
36. Hydrangea flowers, baby's breath, roses and fern bridal bouquet.
Casual style bouquet design.
37. Hand tied blue and white bouquet.
Light blue brides bouquet.
38. Light blue bridal bouquet.
Hydrangea and lily bouquet.
39. Lilies and hydrangeas.
Blue hydrangea and tiny daisy bouquet.
40. A simple blue hydrangea bouquet with a leaf collar.
Blue hydrangeas and pink rose bouquet.
41. Pink rose and hydrangea wedding bouquet.
Blue and cream bouquet idea.
42. All blue hydrangea bouquet.
Blue, green and lilac bouquet.
43. Use complementing colors such as lilac, deep purple and other shades of blue in your bouquet.

The hydrangea flower is very easy to work with and if you are the diy bride you can easily make your own bridal bouquet. For instructions on how to make your a bridal bouquet see hydrangea wedding flowers.

42 Stunning Orchid Bouquets

Orchid bouquet.
44. Birde holding pink orchid bouquet with a long leaf bouquet handle.

An orchid wedding bouquet is beautiful with the exotic shape of the flower. The arrangements can be made in the pale shades or the vibrant colors it offers.

It brings a hint of magic to any occasion. As a cut flower it is long lasting, either for wedding table centerpiece arrangement or in a bridal bouquet.

Orchids make up one of the largest families in the plant kingdom with over 20 000 species. In the nineteenth century, they were very much sought after for their exquisite beauty.

Orchids have always been considered a luxury. Orchids are a beautiful and fragrant flower with a wide variety of colors to choose from allowing you to create many different bridal bouquet designs as you can see from the images below.

The commercially grown varieties of orchids can take up to six years before they start to flower and then only produce about four stems of flowers a year.

Some people shy away from using orchids because they think that orchid is a fragile flower, but this is not the case, there are many varieties which will work extremely well in a bridal bouquet.

These varieties include the Phallaenopisi, the Denbrodium, the Cymbidium and the Cattleya. The orchid fits in well for a tropical or beach theme wedding.

Orchids can be expensive so if you are on a tight budget and still would like to have orchids for you bridal bouquet, consider mixing them with other flowers such as roses, daisies and filler flowers or greenery to your arrangement which will create a large and fuller looking bridal bouquet or keep the arrangement small and simple for an all orchid bouquet.

You might also like read more on ideas for ways to save money on your wedding flowers, or diy wedding flowers ideas.

Green orchid bouquet.
45. Predominately green orchid bouquet with a white flower center.
Dark pink orchid flower bouquet.
46. Dark pink orchid flower bouquet.
White orchid bridal bouquet with green succulent leaves.
47. White orchid bridal bouquet with green succulent leaves.
Blue and white orchid bouquet.
48. Tinted phalaenopis orchids.
White bouquet with red trailing detail.
49. Multi trail style bouquet
Small white orchide bouquet with trailing vines.
50. Small posy style bouquet with trailing flowers.
Pink and lilac orchid bouquet.
51. Pink orchids and roses with vines.
Teardrop style bouquet with roses and orchids.
52. Stunning bouquet of roses and orchids.
White trailing orchid bouquet.
53. Mordern style teardrop bouquet.
Green orchid and white rose bouqut.
54. Simple hand tied rose and orchid bridal bouquet.
Yellow orchid bouquet.
55. Mixture of yellow and green orchids.
White flower bouquet.
56. Orchids and freesias.
White orchid bouquet.
57. White and soft green always create and elegant look.
Small modern style orchid bouquet/
58. Unique brides bouquet.
Bride holding a small orchid bouquet.
59. A posy of orchids.
Red rose and white orchid bouquet.
60. Roses, orchids and fern.
Green orchids and feather bouquet.
61. Orchids, feathers and ivy leaves.
Pink orchid bouquet.
62. Teardrop style bouquet with beaded grass.
Orchid and fern bouquet.
63. Orchids and ferns.
White orchid flower bouquet idea.
64. Dendrobium orchids.
Bride holding a white orchid and green leaf bouquet.
65. White orchids teamed with white roses.
Small clutch style orchid arrangement.
66. Layered posy.
Orchid flowers with palm leaves.
67. Dendrobium orchids and palm leaves.
Pink and white orchids and ferns.
68. Orchids and asparagus fern.
Soft pink and white orchid bouquet.
69. Cymbidium orchids.
Green orchids and red rose trailing bouquet.
70. Green cymbidiums and roses.
Hnad tied orchid and white flower bouquet.
71. Large bouquet with pearl detail on the handle.
Samll bouquet of white and red roses and orchids.
72. Orchids, roses and hydrangea flowers.
Large white orchid bouquet.
73. Big and bold white orchids teamed with delicate "baby's breath".
White orchids and mixed flower bouquet.
74. Mixed arrangement of flowers.
Green toned brides bouquet.
75. Muted tones of green and cream.
Pink and green weddding flowers.
76. Vivid green Kermit mums bring out the beauty of the orchids.
Yellow orchid bouquet.
77. Yellow bouquet consisting of orchids, freesias and small daisies.
Medium sized orchid bouquet.
78. White orchids paired with ivy.
White orchids surrouned by small pink half opened roses.
79. White orchids surrounded by a circle of pink roses and "baby's breath".
Whtie rose and orchid bouquet.
80. Cream and white bouquet idea.
Yellow and green bouquet.
81. Yellow orchids teamed with dark green grass loops and satin ribbon handle
Soft and dark pink bouquet.
82. Dark pink orchids stand out amounst the white.
Large orchid wedding bouquet.
83. A dense display of white dendrobium orchids and daisies.
White orchids photographed on wooden chair.
84. White cymbidium orchids, flower buds and camelia leaves.
Beautiful pink orchid wedding bouquet.
85. Pink striped orchids, soft pink roses and fern.

11 Ideas For Sunflower Bouquets

Mixed flower bouquet.

Sunflower bouquets can be stylish on their own or mixed with other flowers. There are many advantages of bouquets with sunflowers.

Sunflowers have large strong stems making them ideal in a presentation bouquet and because of the size of the flower head you don’t need to use many to make a beautiful bridal bouquet.

The sunflower is also a hardy plant which can stay fresh looking for long periods of time.

You also do have a choice when it comes to size a color. The sunflower is available in mini to giant size with colors ranging from lemon yellow to gold, pink to red and cream to brown.

The small varieties work well when mixed in with other flowers in complimentary colors such as carnations, roses and chrysanthemums.

You can make a simple stylish hand tied bridal bouquet by using just 3 or 5 large sunflowers.

Trainling sunflower bouquet.
87. Trailing bouquet of sunflowers.
Large sunflower bouquet idea.
88. Dried lotus pod and long thin grass give this bouquet a casual look.
Trainling sunflower bouquet.
89. Trailing bouquet with amaranthus.
Sunflower and calla lily bouquet.
90. Sunflowers and burgundy calla lilies.
Bride holding a sunflower bouquet.
91. Small bouquet with sunflowers and fern.
Bride holding a single long stemed sunflower.
92. Single stem flower bouquet.
Sunflower and ivy bouquet.
93. Modern teardrop trailing bouquet.
Burgundy ribbon and sunflowers.
94. Rustic style bouquet.
Sunflowers and chilli pepper bouquet.
95. Sunflowers, small daisies and chilli.
Medium sized sunflower bouquet idea.
96. The yellow satin ribbon enhances the large sunflower bouquet.

13 Tulip Bouquet Ideas

Pink and cream fringed tulip bridal bouquet.
97. Fringed tulip bouquet.

Tulip wedding bouquet arrangements are among one of the most popular choices for a spring wedding.

Freshly picked tulips create a sense of beauty and color such as the bride’s beauty on her special day.

You can chose from a wide variety of colors from strong reds to soft whites with almost every color in between.

Try and picture your wedding with an all white tulip wedding flower theme for either an indoor or outdoor wedding.

You could go wild by decorating the aisles, door frames and walls in different varieties of white tulips.

For more drama choose tulips in a dark shade, they would be a sophisticated accent for any wedding.

Tulips can be arranged into almost any wedding bouquet style from round, cascading, or clutch. Tulips are a long lasting flower because they retain moisture for a long time.

If you are making your own tulip bridal bouquet here are something"s to remember:

  1. Tulips are a thirsty flower, so it is important that you condition your flowers before your wedding day, cut the stems and allow them to stand in plenty of fresh water to ensure that they soak up the water.
  2. Tulips are the only flower that will continue to grow when cut and placed in water. The tulip can grown up to 5cm (2 inches) which can alter the look of a mixed floral display if you have prepared it a day or so in advance. This will not be so noticeable in an informal arrangement of a bouquet made of only tulips.
  3. Tulips are also sensitive to temperature, this can be a problem if you place your flowers to early in a warm venue. Try to keep the them cool for as long as possible to prevent the the tulip from fully opening.
Did You Know?
Tulips are the national flower of two countries The Netherlands and Turkey. Tulips where first discovered in Turkey.
Red tulip bouquet.
98. Loose style bouquet with large white bow.
Bright yellow and red bouquet.
99. Red and yellow tulip bouquet accented large looped leaves.
Yellow tulip bouquet.
100. Hand tied tulips encased by slender grass strands.
Red tulip bouquet idea.
101. Red unopened tulips and leaves.
Light pink tulip bouquet.
102. Light pink tulip bouquet.
Pink bouquet of long stemmed tulips.
103. Long stemed arm bouquet.
Patel colored tulip bouquet.
104. Multi colored arrangement.
Four red roses surrounded by white tulips.
105. Four red roses surrouned by white tulips.
Blue flower and yellow tulip bouquet.
106. Contrasting yellow and blue hand tied bouquet.
White tulip bouquet with pearl beaded handle.
107. White tulips featuring a pearl wrapped handle.
Large white tulip bouquet.
108. Free moving white tulip bouquet.
Bride holding a small bunch of pink tulips.
109. Unstructured bouquet.



40 Hand Tied Bouquet Ideas

Wedding bouquet in warm orange tones.
110. Fall toned flowers.

Hand tied bouquets can look casual or formal and can be used to create a number or common bridal bouquet styles such as a presentation bouquet, posy bouquet, round bouquet and the Victorian wedding flowers called tussy mussy which these where often used to convey a message to the receiver.

The hand tied bouquet is a style that most brides and florist prefer; it is also a very easy bridal bouquet design if you want to make your own bridal bouquet as it is very easy to assemble.

If you choose to make your own bridal bouquet you should make a practice bouquet before your wedding day.

Generally this type of wedding flower design holds about 15 flower stems, but this will vary depending on the types of wedding flowers you are using, even the bridal bouquet style and the size of your bouquet and your bridesmaids.

You can use anywhere from one dozen (posy size) to two or three dozen and more for a large bouquet.

The stems are usually cut to 30cm (12 inches) however this can vary depending on your own personal taste and the bridal bouquet design. When deciding on a suitable length do a test; by cutting one stem a little at time and test the length with both your hands. When you have got the correct size, use this as a guide for cutting the other flower stems.

To keep your flowers fresh place the bouquet stems in water, keep it soaking for as long as possible. When you are ready to use it use a towel to dry of the ends so that the water will not stain your dress.

The type of wrapping that you use on your hand tied bridal bouquets will have a big effect on how it looks. You can wrap a satin ribbon all the way down the stems for a formal look, or leave a portion of the stems bare.

white rose bouquet.
111. White roses embellished with a satin ribbon handle studded with pearl pins.
Red rose hand tied bouquet.
112. Hand tied bouquet of roses.
Red rose bouquet with a white satin ribbon wrapped handle.
113. Red rise bouquet with satin ribbon.
White and green bouquet.
114. Timeless white bouquet.
White hydrangea bouquet with yellow and red roses.
115. White hydrangea and rose bouquet.
Pink calla lily bouquet.
116. Brides bouquet of calla lilies.
Pink peony bouquet.
117. Groom holding a pink bouquet.
Yelow rose bouquet.
118. Yellow rose wedding bouquet.
Pink and white bouquet.
119. Romantic pink and white bouquet.
Green and dark pink bouquet idea.
120. Bright pink and green wedding flowers.
Red mixed flower bouquet.
121. Mixed red bridal bouquet.
Rose bouquet.
122. Large and small rose bouquet idea.
White roses and "baby's breath" bouquet.
123. White rose and "baby's breath" bouquet.
Small pink bouquet.
124. Small pink clutch style bouquet.
Dark red calla lilly and berry bouquet.
125. Bold dark red lily bouquet.
Red roses brides bouquet.
126. Red rose bouquet with crystal pins.
Pink rose bouquet with white bow and pearl headed pin studded handle.
127. Bouquet with white satin bow and pearl studded handle.
Purple static, pink rose and fern bouquet.
128. Garden style bouquet.
Long handled red rose bouquet.
129. Red rose bouquet with matching red ribbon handle.
White, purple and yellow bouquet idea.
130. Loose style daisy bouquet.
Stephanotis bouquet idea.
131. Stephanotis bouquet.
Red rose hand-tied bouquet.
132. Romantic red rose wedding bouquet.
Calla lily and orchid cresent style bouquet.
133. Elegance with lilies and orchids.
Rose bouquet ideas.
134. Rose bouquet with trailing pink ribbon.
Garden style clutch bouquet.
135. Simple purple wedding flower arrangement.
White hand tied bouquet.
136. White calla lily and white crocus flowers.
Country style bouquet.
137. Dahlias, daisies and rose bouquet.
Purple wedding flowers.
138. Hnad tied purple bouquet.
Hand tied bouquet.
139. Bouquet handle tied with pearls on a string.
Orange and red bouquet.
140. Bouquet with red, orange and a hint of green.
Green bouquet with decorative broach on handle.
141. Green bouquet with decorative brooch on handle.
Red rose and green fern bouquet.
142. Red roses, fern and beaded grass bouquet.
White wedding bouquet.
143. Winter wedding bouquet idea.
Red rose bouquet.
144. Red roses and white pearls.
White and pink rose bouquet.
145. A feminine pink and lilac bouquet idea.
Bridal bouquet.
146. Mixed flower wedding bouquet.
Purple and white bouquet.
147. Bride’s bouquet finished with a white organza ribbon.
Pink rose and white peony bouquet.
148. White peony and pink rose flower bouquet.
White calla lily bouquet.
149. Classic white lily bouquet.
White rose bouquet.
150. Rose buds and white flower bouquet.