5 Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet Design Ideas

Plus 21 Delightful Wedding Bouquet Pictures to Admire

Bridal bouquet design ideas

Oct 15,, 2017

1. Single Color Bouquet Design Ideas

You can use a single color to create a beautiful bouquet whether you select a single flower type such as a red rose for a traditional bouquet, or a combination of different flowers in the same shade for a more modern look.

The colors that you can choose from are almost limitless when using different varieties of fresh flowers. But let’s not forget the endless colors available to you in silk flower bridal bouquets - and if you can’t get the color you want these can easily be dyed in the color of your choice.

~ 1 ~

Yellow hand tied bridal bouquet.

Photo by eelnosiva - Depositphotos

Single color bouquet of yellow roses accented with a burgundy ribbon handle.

~ 2 ~

Whitre rose bridal bouquet.

Photo by  olgasweet - Depositphotos

Pure white roses create this lovely large bouquet, the soft organza ribbon gives it a lovely light and refreshing look.

~ 3 ~

Orange rose bouquet.

Photo by benedamiroslav - Depositphotos

A simple orange bouquet with a collar of pearl bead wire.

~ 4 ~

Purple wedding flower idea.

Photo by John Saunders - Fotolia

Make a statement with one large flower surround by smaller ones.

~ 5 ~

Apricot call lily bouquet.

Photo by DingaLT - Depositphotos

Apricot calla lily bouquet with with white satin ribbon handle.

~ 6 ~

Dark red roses with baby's breath.

Photo by DragosCondreaW - Depositphotos

This dark red bouquet would look stunning againt a white wedding gown.

2. Theme Related Bouquets

Another way to create a unique bridal bouquet design is to select flowers that are different in variety as well as color but have a common theme. For example a beautiful arrangement can be made using fragrant herbs with flowers, try mixing lavender, rosemary and wild flowers in shades of purple with soft green leaves. Or for a tropical bridal bouquet create your bridal bouquet design in strong shades such as hot pink, oranges, bright yellow and reds.

~ 7 ~

Purple and white wedding bouquet idea.

Photo by seqoya - Depositphotos

A garden style bouquet purple and white flowers very feminine.

~ 8 ~

Tropical wedding bouquet idea.

Photo by vrvalerian - Depositphotos

Create an exotic look with unusal flowers, leaves and fern. Added interest can be created using decorative wire and beads.

~ 9 ~

Butterfly bridal bouquet design idea.

Photo by amoklv - Depositphotos

Unique wedding bouquet ideas can make the use of decorative elements that carry on your wedding theme.

~ 10 ~

Sunflower bouquet with soft green leaves.

Photo by p.d.

You could use a single flower as your theme for your bouquet and wedding.

3. Unique Bridal Bouquets

Make your bouquet unique and even more special by adding some sort of meaningful accent to it, this is the perfect way to let you personality and style shine.

Perhaps you would like to honor the memory of a loved one you could include a tiny framed picture of them on your bridal bouquet by letting it hang attractively from a matching silk ribbon for everyone to see.

~ 11 ~

Photo of birdal bouquet with pictures of loved ones.

Photo by p.d.

4. Bridal Bouquet Jewelry

Bridal bouquet jewelry comes in many forms from crystal buckles for the handle of the bouquet to bouquet pins which can not only decorated the bouquet handle but can be carefully inserted into the flower heads to give some sparkle. There is a variety bridal bouquet jewelry for just about every wedding theme that you could think of from crystal butterflies, sparking monograms to tiny crosses for a Christian wedding theme.

~ 12 ~

Red rose bouquet with beads.

Photo by viki2win - Depositphotos

Crystal beads, glass balls and decorative wire can be used to encase your bouquet.

~ 13 ~

Feather wedding bouquet and flowers.

Photo by loriklaszlo - Depositphotos

Use decorative elements such as feathers to match or complement your wedding flowers.

~ 14 ~

Wire wraped wedding bouquet.

Photo by  fiamoli - Depositphotos

Weave beaded witre through your bridal bouquet to add interest.

~ 15 ~

Yellow calla lily bouquet with crystal pins.

Photo by smaglov - Depositphotos

Have crystal headed pins inserted into the ribbon wrapped handle. You could also have them placed at the end of each flower stems.

~ 16 ~

Modern style green wedding bouquet.

Photo by smaglov - Depositphotos

Use wired beads of various sizes to accent the bouquet.

~ 17 ~

Blue and pink hydrangea bouquet.

Photo by  noreenlhrpk - Depositphotos

Use a single decorative element, such as the metal clasp holding together the long grassed in the above bouquet.

5. Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet

If you are the creative type making a bridal bouquet could be the way to go, if you are not sure how to make bridal bouquets there are many good books and videos available that you can use and you don’t need to make a complicated bridal bouquet design a simple bridal bouquet can often be more attractive than one which is over the top.

A hand tied bridal bouquet such as the ones below are one of the most simple bridal bouquets that you can make and better still you can order online special wedding flower packages that allow you to select the color, flower and size of the bouquet. You will get all these delivered to your door with enough flowers to make your own bridal bouquet arrangements.

~ 18 ~

Calla lily arm bouquet

Photo by  vilevi - Depositphotos

Keep it simple with just a few long stems and matching bow.

~ 19 ~

Hand tied rose bouquet.

Photo by elitravo - Depositphotos

Add interest to your bouquet by using natural elements such as decorative wood.

~ 20 ~

Fringed tulip bouquet.

Photo by agneskantaruk - Depositphotos

Add a sense of vintage charm with decorative lace trim.

~ 21 ~

Mixed flower bouquet.

Photo by p.d.

A simple and elegant looking hand tied bouquet.

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