Beach Wedding Ideas

Be Inspired With These Great Ideas For Your Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding Ideas

Oct 16,, 2017

The beach with its sand, calming water and warm sunshine make it a peaceful and relaxing place to have your wedding.

Your love for one another as you say your vows will be complemented by the beautiful surroundings.

If you would like to follow your beach wedding ideas, you will have to carefully prepare each detail.

There are some things that you really should consider when planning as there can be concerns regarding the sand and water that you must factor in.

The following points are ones that you should give particular attention to if you want your wedding day to go smoothly.

  1. You should take into consideration the weather conditions at the time you are going to be married as most beach weddings are outdoors this should really be thought about. Beaches are usually windy, and in the open. With winds that can get quite strong and anything that can get blown away or tangled should be secured in place or avoided altogether.

  2. The sun it can also be quite hot especially if you are in it between the hours of 11am and 4pm when the sun is at it highest, so you should consider your guests comfort. You should make your guests aware so that they can be prepared and bring along sunscreen hats and dress accordingly.

  3. If the location of your wedding has no shade you should provide it. Also consider that it might rain so have an alternative venue or rent a tent.

  4. Now beach sand is another concern if you are providing chairs these can become unstable and sink into the sand. To solve this problem consider renting a floor for the ceremony.

  5. You should take into consideration when the tide comes in and how far it comes up. You should plan to have the ceremony in an area where it will not be flooded.

  6. The beach can also be a noisy place so consider having a sound system so that your guests can hear.

  7. The security and cleanliness of the restrooms that are available should be functional and convenient to your guests. If the beach does not have restrooms these will need to be rented.

  8. If you have any disabled guests you should take extra effort in securing and providing a convenient way for them, especially wheelchairs.

  9. Some of your elderly guests may need assistance while walking in the sand. You could possibly pass this responsibility to your groomsmen and bridesmaids.

  10. Another thing that may be of concern when using a public beach is that other people will be around.

Beach Wedding Ceremony Ideas

The beach is the ideal place for a wedding sand ceremony it can be as beautiful as the unity candle ceremony. The sand ceremony is like the unity candle ceremony symbolizing the unity of the two lives coming together. It is perfect for a beach wedding because there are no candles that will blow out. You could use the sand from the beach or if you prefer more color you could always look at purchasing a sand ceremony kit.

~ 1 ~

Wedding sand ceremony idea

Photo by RJ

Make your wedding sand ceremony even more memorable by using sand from your wedding ceremony location.

~ 2 ~

Giant seahorse sand sculptures at the enterance of a beach wedding ceremony site.

Photo by sframe - Depositphotos

Wow your wedding guests by decorating the entry of the ceremony site with large sand sculptures.

~ 3 ~

Kissing ball decorations at a beach wedding ceremony site.

Photo by RJ

If you are using an aisle runner, do ensure that it is fixed securely in place so that it won’t fly away if the wind is blowing strong.

~ 4 ~

Thumbnail Image 1

Photo by jon selvey

If the weather is calm and quite on the day you could walk down the aisle on a carpet of white rose petals.

~ 5 ~

Bride and groom on a windy beach with flowers.

Photo by RJ

Keep your flowers in place by using pots that have been anchored securely into the sand.

~ 6 ~

Driftwood decoration on beach wedding arch.

Photo by p.d.

Construct an arch with rustic charm by incorporating driftwood.

~ 7 ~

Shell arch and table beach wedding decoration idea.

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Get creative and decorate and arch all over with shells.

~ 8 ~

Closeup of table decorations using large starfish shapes and pearls.

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Use large starfish shapes and pearls to decorate the ceremony table.

~ 9 ~

Beach wedding decoration idea.

Beach Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

  • Decorations for the ceremony and reception could be a little bit of a challenge since it is possibly going to be windy on the day, you will need to select decorations that can be secured safely, and your flowers will also need to be placed in stands.

  • If you are having the reception outdoors use table cloths that reach the ground and tie around the legs of the table to stop it from flying away. Using potted plants such as palm trees will continue the beach wedding theme if you are having your reception indoors.

  • The little things such as the wedding favors, keepsakes and accessories can make a big difference to the overall appeal of your wedding. There are many different kinds of beach wedding ideas for favors that you can choose from such as shells, flip flop place card holders, mini flip flops, sea creature wedding cookie favors, sea shell bottle openers.

  • Use sand, shells, glass and candles to decorate the center of the reception tables. This will create a casual feel to the entire event. Use tulle or other soft fabric to decorate existing structures, this will float in the wind creating a lovely soft romatic look to your wedding.

~ 10 ~

Beautiful floral display of pink, yellow and orange flowers.

Photo by p.d.

You don’t need to have beach theme decorations just because your reception is at the beach – you could have a flower theme (or something else).

~ 11 ~

Simple table setting for a beach wedding theme.

Photo by p.d.

~ 12 ~

Simple table setting for a beach wedding theme.

Photo by  tommyandone - Depositphotos

Use shells to create a beautiful backdrop at your wedding reception venue.

Ideas For Beach Theme Wedding Dresses

~ 13 ~

Bride and groom in casual wear.

Photo by RJ

~ 14 ~

Bride wearing a ball gown and wedding veil.

Photo by Jason Meredith

~ 15 ~

Groom carrying his bride at the beach.

Photo by RJ

~ 16 ~

Bride and groom on beach.

Photo by RJ

Beach Wedding Details

~ 17 ~

Lemonade stand at beach.

Photo by jon selvey

Keep your guests hydrated by having a lemonade stand.

~ 18 ~

Blue and shite beach wedding cake idea.

Photo by studiosnowden - Depositphotos

Decorate existing trees and structures with fabric and flowers.

~ 19 ~

Blue and shite beach wedding cake idea.

Photo by RJ

Unique wedding favors can be easily made.

~ 20 ~

Blue and shite beach wedding cake idea.

Photo by RJ

Instead of a boutonniere have the groom wear a shell pin.

~ 21 ~

Blue and shite beach wedding cake idea.

Photo by papadimitriou -Depositphotos

Add a splash of color with brightly colored flowers in full bloom.

~ 22 ~

Blue and shite beach wedding cake idea.

Photo by Jason Meredith

Guide your guests with creative signs.

~ 23 ~

Blue and white beach wedding cake idea.

Photo by Jason Meredith

Line the centre aisle with tall flower vases.

~ 24 ~

Blue and shite beach wedding cake idea.

Photo by p.d.

Decorate the chairs with small flower posies that are tied securely on the chair backs.

~ 25 ~

Starfish and candle beach wedding idea for table decorations.

Photo by p.d.

Use starfish, beach pebbles and sands to create unique wedding table decorations.

~ 26 ~

Use a starfish decoration to photograph your wedding rings.

Photo by p.d.

This might be a nice idea for a thank you card.

Ideas For Flowers For A Beach Wedding Ceremony

~ 27 ~

Bridal bouquet with star fish decorations

Photo by Cayobo

Add a few shells or starfish decorations to your bouquet.

~ 28 ~

Bouquet made with shells.

Photo by RJ

Carry a bouquet made entirely of shells.

Beach Wedding Cake Decorations

Your beach theme wedding cake should be suited to the climate because it will be on display for some time in the heat. You should stay away from cream and buttercream iced cakes as these tend to melt easily. The wedding cake should also be placed in a cool shady area and not in the full sun.

~ 29 ~

Beach wedding cake with shells and orchid flowers.

Photo by gregory21 - Depositphotos

~ 30 ~

Wedding cake with coral looking cake topper.

Photo by vladislavgajic - Depositphotos

~ 31 ~

Wedding cake with a sandcastle cake topper

Photo by p.d.

~ 32 ~

Blue and white beach wedding cake idea.

Photo by Cayobo

circle of pastel colored hearts

Wedding Tips and Ideas

Photography Budget Tip

Reduce the number of hours you hire your photographer by having him take a mock cutting of the cake as soon as you arrive at the reception. After he has taken the shot his job is done for the day.

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Bride Idea

Keep The Little Ones Occupied

If there are going to be many children at the wedding, consider asking a relative or two or hire a baby sitter to look after the children.

You could even set up a table or an area at the reception that is exclusively for them – it could have small toys, books or coloring pages to keep them entertained.